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JohnnyJet Reviews

JohnnyJet Reviews
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JohnnyJet Reviews

JohnnyJet reviews tell the truth when the website and its branches get perfect scores. With all that we can gather about the resource, we find ourselves being brought time and again to JohnnyJet’s distinct voice in travel. A strong one it is and one that reverberates in your mind after you had learned a bevy of their insider information. It is expected what we see from JohnnyJet reviews.

Who did it Come From?

JohnnyJet Editor-in-Chief Reviews

JohnnyJet Editor-in-Chief John DiScala

The editor-in-chief of Johnny Jet is US- based traveler John Einar DiScala. He was born on May 31, 1969 and hails from Connecticut. Musing on the wonders of travel, he says “I became fascinated with air travel at an early age, when I discovered I could leave behind freezing cold, dreary CT in January, and two hours later be in hot, sunny, beautiful Florida.” DiScala matriculated at the Marymount College and Loyola Marymount University.

The founder of JohnnyJet’s occupation description details him as a “Travel writer, blogger, personality.”  Working as a high school recruiter, he launched the website JohnnyJet in 1999. In this time, he was posting fun travel-related resources for his friends and fellow recruiters. The travels he had gained while recruiting in his employment were the backbones of the work he was doing on the website.

JohnnyJet circulates regular travel updates and readings such as their Travel Deals and Daily Travel Tip newsletters.

Customer Comments

Their publication, You are Here Traveling with The Ultimate Internet Travel Guide, is a condensed book of theirs which covers travel essentials in thousands: places, travel websites, tips, further information. The breadth of detail packs this crucial resource, it’s a must-have for anyone who is serious and practical about their travels. No wonder it is often rated with a perfect 5 stars.

Since this is an actual book rated so highly in JohnnyJet reviews, you can only imagine the feedback from JohnnyJet reviews about their main website. Similar to the You are Here Traveling with The Ultimate Internet Travel Guide, their website has a compact look that cuts your browsing time in half. Despite initial confusion, let yourself be guided by whatever you eyes land on. In this way, you are on the road to being inspired greatly.

Johnnyjet website ReviewsJohnnyJet’s website is one of the most professional ones that you can encounter online. There is a lot of colour going on on their page though, and everything may seem overwhelming. A lot of movement is to be seen online, with a handful of sliding mages and interesting advertisements featured at the tops of their website.

Articles and features are incredibly insightful. They have Travel Deals, Travel Tips and Travel 101. I’d give this website a very high rank. Every single detail about it is perfect. It answers directly to your needs and gives you more than you bargained for, literally. “Jam-packed” with information, their setup, layout and content are brimming with helpful facts intended only to sharpen the traveler in you. The writing style of the posts is readable and well-suited for the nature of the topic, highly detailed, fun and above all, really engrossing.

For more information, offers and updates about JohnnyJet, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

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In Conclusion

JohnnyJet logo ReviewsIf you are looking to be enlightened, then go no further than JohnnyJet. He is the perfect companion. He gives you fantastic information that you wouldn’t have thought about on our own and seems to have an endless supply of ideas: all written in a way that will keep you interested. JohnnyJet Reviews rate it as a great overall source and I give it a high score.

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