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Juneyao Airlines Review

Juneyao Airlines Review
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Juneyao Airlines Review

Juneyao Airlines logo Review

It has been proven that a relatively large number of people fly or have flown by plane. There have been debates as to an estimated figure but experts and statisticians have rounded off that these individuals have already experienced flying in a plane, for whatever reason and purpose. As time passes, more people will get into flying.

It takes a lot of courage to fly. For one, it involves a great change in your personal state and takes you out of your known environment. It brings you somewhere new and makes you discover new things about yourself and the world.

As we see in this Juneyao Airlines review, building up an airline company from scratch is no easy feat. Let’s examine more details about this Chinese airline.

The Auspicious Airlines

Juneyao Airlines’ Chinese name means “Auspicious Airlines.” It is a Chinese regional airline founded in 2005. It began operating on September 25, 2006. Its main hubs are located in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Its base is at Changning District, Shanghai, China.

It all started with the Juneyao Group of which Juneyao Airlines is a subsidiary. It was a charter flight business and now has an airline. Wang Junjin co-founded Juneyao Group and is currently Chairman of Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd. He hails from Dayu Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, People’s Republic of China.

Juneyao Airlines Chairman Co-founder Review

Wang Junjin, Chairman and Co-founder of Juneyao Group

By July 2015, Juneyao Airlines consisted of 45 aircraft. Some of the awards that Juneyao Airlines has received throughout its young career are China’s Outstanding Brand Innovation Award, Customer Satisfaction Excellent Award, The Year’s Most Popular Airline Company and The Most Amiable Airline Company.

Feedback about its Services

This Juneyao Airlines review examines how satisfied customers were with the service, especially in flight. They liked the food such as beverages, pork sandwich and snack boxes. It is their opinion that Juneyao Airlines has better food than other carriers of its kind. Juneyao Airlines, in fact, spends 10-20% more on food and beverages than others.

The crew were friendly and polite. Their check-in procedure was equally efficient. It’s usually a short-leg flight and a relatively cost-efficient one yet its passengers found their overall treatment very satisfactory. Some finally gave it high ratings in their reviews.

Juneyao Airlines food Review

Juneyao Airlines plane interiors Review

A Look at its Official Website has a cool look. It incorporates a distinct design. If you’re seeking for airlines that set themselves apart, it fulfills that perfectly.

On their Book Flights feature, you can search for flights. Check your flights status here. At the My Order tab, you’ll find options to pay your order and refund or reprint your itinerary. Where we Fly shows great destinations. This link, meanwhile, will prove useful to Juneyao’s fliers.

They also have 4 sections about their company, culture, honour and news that anyone can check out. A large section of Junyao’s homepage features a new route or trip that you might be interested in. A phone app is readily available.

In this Juneyao Airlines review, we see that they have a limit of 5 special passengers on a flight. They define these passengers as infants, pregnant women and unaccompanied children. If you want special meal service, you’ll need to inform the airline at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight.

Some of its fliers, according to this Juneyao Airlines review, noticed that there wasn’t much in-flight entertainment. The food to them was passing, In the end, they made up for departure delays during the consequent flight stops. They felt that the best way to enjoy flying with Juneyao Airlines is to appreciate what the airline has to offer.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +86 21 2238 8888
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +86 21 2235 6222
  • Head Office Address: 80 Hongxiang Rd. San Lu, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, 200335, China


Juneyao Airlines plane Review

If you’re the type of flier who doesn’t like being disappointed with failed promises, then Juneyao Airlines will fare well with you. As we see in this Juneyao Airlines review, from their unique official website to their equally unique dining options, there’s always time to be pleasantly surprised.

They are highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience cost-effectiveness and efficiency when they fly. They always find ways to improve and build on their strengths.

Do you think that Juneyao Airlines is a great flying experience?


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