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Key Lime Air Reviews

Key Lime Air Reviews
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Key Lime Air Reviews

Key Lime Air logo ReviewsWhat do you think of when you hear the word “key” or see something in the colour lime? I think that keys can be of freshly made material while a lime object displays something citric, ascorbic and even acidic. Both can be enlivening to the senses and this airline review about Key Lime Air introduces us to the American carrier with the same alertness as commenters behind Key Lime Air reviews examine it in its generality.

Its History

Key Lime Air is an American Airline with its headquarters at Centennial Airport

Key Lime Air President Reviews

Key Lime Air President Cliff Honeycutt

Dove Valley, Colorado, United States.The airline was founded and started operating in 1997.It has a fleet size of 35 aircraft with a main hub at Centennial Airport. Destinations are located in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and  South America.

Its President is Cliff Honeycutt. According to their official website, Key Lime Air flies more than 15,000 hours in a year. They further state their goal as, “Excellence in our business relationships and everything we do.”

The airline made the news with its recent developments. Key Lime Air Denver Air Connection opened a non-stop flight service connection between Denver, Colorado and Sheridan, Wyoming.

What are People Saying?

Considering that there have been reports on accidents involving Key Lime Air, this prompted some Key Lime Air reviews to comment that they care more for punctuality than pilot safety. However, the airline also mentions that they prioritise their flight safety, most probably as a response to growing communal concerns. I think that it is responsible and professional of them to manage their weak points.

Like most airlines, they are expanding. They need to have more positive Key Lime Air reviews to balance out any negative press. This isn’t helped by their obscurity but the little that they show to the public is ample enough for their known credibility.

A Look at their Website

Key Lime Air website ReviewsAs their name suggest, their website at is refreshing being in analogous shades of green. The effectiveness of the design is most pronounced when visitors realise that it assists them navigate the content. The amount of content to be seen on their page is not excessive, their site remains relatively simple and nice to look at.

There’s not much to see but there are interesting blocks of text that highlight their business philosophy or their flight services. Their website also has various other small icons that advertise a route or show their accreditations.

Information on their different aircraft models for flying Passenger or Cargo, such as how many passengers it could carry or whether or not it has a lavatory, is on their upper tabs.

To request a charter, you can fill in the form located on their homepage or give them a call at 888-870-9626.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 303 768 96 26
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 303 768 81 44
  • Head Office Address: 13252 East Control Tower Rd, Englewood, Colorado, 80112, USA

A Great Introduction

Key Lime Air airplane ReviewsVisiting their website is like a wake up call. It is informative and easily navigable. People online and those behind Key Lime Air reviews would find it pleasurable to simply look around and view the details on their various airplanes. The information contained online are interesting and give us a good overview of the airline.

If you have anything to add to this Key Lime Air review, kindly leave a comment below.


Key Lime Air Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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    I love this airline’s look. I know they’re going to be great to use. Everythigns JUSt perfect and I can’t say anything bad about them at all.

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