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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Kulula Airlines Review

Kulula Airlines Review
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Kulula Airlines Review

Flying is a status symbol. What began as something more utilitarian has evolved into a network that spans continents within a few hours, thus making our world a more well-travelled place. Being able to buy a ticket, even if it is done online or through a travel agency, is one sure way to go to other places. The ease of this particular transaction has its effects, the more we live, the more we want to see and do new things.

Flying has the effect of broadening one’s mind and one’s heart to new possibilities, cultures and people.

The Beginnings of Kulula

Kulula was established in July of 2001, commencing operations in August of that year. It isn’t a company of its own, but is a trading name of Comair. Comair’s current CEO is Mr, Erik Rudolph Venter, who has been its leader since December 1, 2011. He has extensive professional experience in the industry, having previously served as Finance Director and Managing Director.

After graduating from the University of Cape Town, he began his career in the middle of the 90s at Comair as a Financial Manager. Venter believes in the quality of their customer service and in a public message, has stated that they constantly set high standards for their people to push their brand forward.

CEO of Kulala Airways

CEO of Comair Erik Venter

Kulula Airlines’ Website at a Glance

Kulula Airlines’ website contains all the information that one needs, including an impacting appearance. It is one of the most efficient and enlivening sites for an airline that one can encounter. Online, one can also book hotels, cars and cabs. Here is a link to their Contact Us page.

Holiday packages are organised by theme, and come with image tiles of other valued tourist destinations. One can check their flight status online, this can be done within 48 hours before the flight’s departure. You can also check in online, simply read through the guidelines and important reminders when you follow the check in link on its website. Passengers with disabilities need to inform Kulula about their particular condition, situation or impediment. These people include those who use wheelchairs, the visually and hearing impaired, expectant mothers and those who have their pets with them. Special mention is made of those who are hearing impaired: they will receive preferential check-in treatment.

Kulula gives away an inflight magazine: Khuluma magazine which is published monthly. Its contents range from shopping, entertainment, leisure to attractions. Discovery Vitality Hotel members get cool discounts on hotel accommodations depending on their status at the time of their booking.


Here’s more about the food about Kulula Airlines. Leave the snacks to them: pay with cash for a selection of chocolates, stuffed rolls, chips and nuts. The food has been rated as acceptable and appetising.

Looking Closer at Kulula through the Eyes of its Fliers

Since it is a budget airline, there’s less expectation on the quality of its service, its food and its amenities. The plane had been described as clean and the flight attendants helpful and even “amusing.” Passengers particularly enjoyed the entertainment that the flight attendants offered to them to ease their flight. Since it’s a no-frills airline, they also enthuse about the cheap airfare and the “pleasant surprise” that they get when they are greeted by a lively, friendly cabin crew.

Kulula Airlines Crew Review

Crew at Kulula Airlines

Time and again, their speedy check in procedure wins them rave reviews from their fliers. The food is acceptable and the energy of their staff can be seen in their offbeat, fun sense of humour. Most comment that they had felt valued and that much effort had been poured into making them comfortable.

Further Information about the Airline

Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni and Gauteng are where its headquarters are located. Kulula Airlines has a fleet size of 11 aircraft flying to 6 destinations.

On September 1, 2015, Kulula Airlines took home the grand “Best African Low-cost Airline” title during the Business Traveller Africa Awards. Throughout the year, it was also the best Airline for Business Travellers in the the Sunday Times Top Brands survey. Spokespeople have attributed their recent wins to the strength of their staff. It is Kulula Airlines’ mindset to exceed customer service expectations and to help their passengers experience a pleasing stay with them while on board, Of course, they also expect their customers to remember the airline for its warmth and dedication.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
    Contact number: +27 11 921 01 11
    Contact Email:
    Fax Number: +27 11 388 12 41
    Head Office Address: Cnr. 1 Marigne Drive and Atlas Road, Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa


Kulula Airlines is recommended to those who’d want to experience firsthand the warmth of South Africa. Their accommodations and customer service are highly commendable, considering that it is a no-frills airline.

Their website maintains a professional, inviting appearance with previews into the kinds of things that one will see and experience on board. Like most airlines, it offers certain services that make them stand out. Under Erik Venter’s guidance, the airline can see more awards and even more attention paid on their people. We hope you enjoyed this Kulula Airlines Review and found it helpful, see you next time!

Kulula Airlines Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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