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LowFares Reviews

LowFares Reviews
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LowFares Reviews

LowFares logo Reviews

It’s great to be able to use an online travel website or agency to help you sort out your travel needs. They’re a valuable source of information and they’re proven to be your go-to guys when you need assistance with a certain deal or booking. They’re always a great service to have in the travelling world. In these Lowfares reviews, let’s look at the travel search service from the United States of America. What are its defining features and background? Read these LowFares reviews to find out.

Where it Came From

LowFares is a leader in online travel search comparison. It’s a free service that allows you to quickly and easily compare prices of flights, cars, hotels and vacation packages. To come up with these results, LowFares partners with all the major travel websites. It’s a part of and has its office located at Los Angeles, California.

Its President and Founder is Joshua Lippiner. LowFares was his third start-up before he sold it to in 2007. With them, it’s all about “Fun. Adventure. Relaxation.” Let’s see from these LowFares reviews what they are all about.

LowFares President Founder Reviews

Founder of LowFares Joshua Lippiner

Its Official Website

From what we see of these LowFares reviews, their website is a tad too bland. It has an image of the sea which is supposed to complement the colours of the word “LowFares” above. However organised it is in a certain way, it won’t really convince anyone unless they’re looking for more than what a company projects through its website.

Lowfares site Reviews

From the very top, you can search for flights, hotels, cars, vacations and deals. The prices they show online don’t look like the cheapest ones available but they’re their featured offers. Their version of a feature destination is their Travel Smarter section wherein they focus on a particular attraction for their users’ further information. Below, this place has its own story or visitors’ experience to supplement it.

For your own reading, you might want to check out their official blog here. Further down their website, you might want to view their resourceful Travel Guides and Top Cities which appear as a long list of links for you to navigate.

How People See It

For these LowFares reviews, there were little customer comments online to base a sound opinion from. This doesn’t make them look good. Some reviews simply repeat and spread across different websites. It is difficult to create a background impression of LowFares because ot this.

Basing these LowFares reviews on their website, one can say that they could do something about how their site looks. It has an uninviting, unprofessional appearance. Many people might not be encouraged to deal with them after taking a look at their website’s layout. Even if this is their actual design goal, they could at least do with some improvements to liven it all up.

Lowfares site 2 ReviewsLowfares site 3 Reviews

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact email:
  • Head Office Address:, 550 S. Hope Street, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90071

In Conclusion

If you look at these LowFares reviews, you will see that the service stands on its own. Since there are so few comments about it online, that adds to the mystery about its performance. You’re not really sure if it will work for you until you try it on your own.

There could be better websites out there. Based on their design alone, they seem to have given it thought to deliver their business philosophy that way. That serves as its own testament to what kind of a service they are or at least how they do things. Form your opinion about these LowFares reviews by actually testing the service itself and then try to review it.

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