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Lufthansa Airline Review

Lufthansa Airline Review
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Lufthansa Airline Review

To get the most out of traveling, fliers research on the best airlines out there for quality and to save money. It’s natural for them to discover the premier, most famous aircraft service in the region. In Europe, the largest airline is Lufthansa, one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance global airline network. The word Lufthansa itself derives from a combination of the German term for “air” and a Latin term for “guild.”

European Origins

Founded in 1953, Deutsche Lufthansa AG or Lufthansa originates from Germany, with  headquarters in Cologne. The largest airline in the continent, it employs more than 118, 000 people from all over the globe and services more than 100 countries.

Lufthansa’s current CEO since May 1, 2014 is Carsten Spohr, born on December 16, 1966 in Wanne-Eickel, Germany. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Karlsruhe and entered the airline company in 1994.  It was under Spohr’s  management that the Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster occurred, which he described as “the darkest day for Lufthansa in its 60-year history.” Also, issues with strikes, especially after 2007, decorate Lufthansa’s operations.


Lufthansa CEO

German Carsten Spohr, CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa since 2014

Website Content

Through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, Lufthansa automatically updates their clients on flight status and recent changes; simply choose which medium you’d prefer on the flight details page. Like other companies, a mobile phone form of contact is also available for flight status notifications.

Reservations, ticketing and information can be arranged by telephone, you can check in from the Lufthansa website and book a flight from Value fares to Europe depend on the flight class. Transportation takes the form of the Lufthansa Airport Bus, train and Dusseldorf area’s myDriver chauffeur service. You can book an AlRail train service online, through your mobile or the Lufthansa Service Centre. Special passengers are given preferential treatment and need only inform their transportation mode service about their situation. Furthermore, you can alter your booking details on Lufthansa’s official website and from there, efficiently arrange a hotel accommodation and a rental car.

Customer Comments and Concerns

Lufthansa carries the most passengers in any airline in Europe but it is riddled with minor problems, even employee strikes and industrial conflicts. Main problems that fliers have with Lufthansa are in customer service. It’s either booking agents book the wrong day for the flight or their staff rub off as incompetent and insensitive. 

Its reputation as the largest airline in Europe is shaded with separate counts of customer support issues wherein some missing luggage failed to be recovered. The most common reviews deal with booking and rebooking flights and losing baggage in customs or on the plane. Several customers had complained about this oft-surfacing phenomenon in Lufthansa and had frequently expressed their discouragement and disappointment at losing such precious items, citing the airlines’ bad service in particular. Baggage ends up in different airports and the necessary damage control is not enough to comfort passengers into repeating business with the airline. Often left unresolved, these issues however small can lose a client’s loyalty.


An interesting fact about the meals on Lufthansa is that they do not contain pork. Food and beverages depend on the length of your journey and your corresponding flight class, all kinds of trips offer different snacks and sandwiches. Meals are served on fine china, wine in wine glasses for a taste of luxury while you fly. The main event is the beverage one picks from among coffee, alcoholic and nonalcoholic or juice and drinks can be requested at any time and are frequently served throughout the duration of the flight. Yet even in this part of the flight, customers feel that the flight attendants are cold in their approach to them.

Medium-haul flights offer numerous entertainment for passengers to pass away the time. They can access a variety of films, more than 100 CDs of music, TV shows, radio programs, ebooks and magazines on apps on their smartphones, tablets or notebooks. They’d need to download the Lufthansa Entertainment app for smartphones and tablets and the Microsoft Silverlight for notebooks before the trip. On long flights, the choice of music jumps to more than 300 CDs. Other than that, the medium and longer flights offer roughly the same options of entertainment, with a number of perks for those in for a long haul.

Flight Classes in Lufthansa

First Class Features include valet parking in Frankfurt and Munich, full-reclined seats, amenity kits and departure lounge access.

Business Class Access to pre-departure Business lounges and Star Alliance and Welcome lounges upon arrival at your destination. Includes reclining seats and amenity kits.

Economy Class Meals and beverages are served to passengers. Audio-Video-On-Demand (AVOD) screens are set up for entertainment.

Premium Economy This particular flight class had its introduction in 2014, it offers a wider pitch compared to Economy Class and bigger armrests.


Lufthansa Airline Economy ReviewLufthansa Airline First Class Review

A shot of the Economy Class in Lufthansa and a sample of a First Class appetizer


Miles and More is a rewards program of Lufthansa where fliers can redeem the miles they earn when they fly on special awards.

Lufthansa boasts of a more than 615 aircraft fleet with the largest number of passengers in any European airline, the main criterion for its leadership of the skies as the “largest airline in Europe.” Some of its main bases or hubs are in Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport, Dusseldorf International, Vienna International and Zurich and it is a member of the Star Alliance. At the 2015 World Airline Awards, Lufthansa took home the “Best Airline Transatlantic”, “World’s Best First Class Airline Lounge” and “Best Airline in Western Europe” categories.

Contact information

Website URL

German: Contact number +49 69 86 799 799

International: Phone 1 +1-800-563-5954Contact Email
Fax Number +49 69 696 4601
Head Office Address 51147 Airport Cologne/Bonn , Germany
Canadian Customer Feedback Address:
Station Main PO Box 1588, Peterborough ON, K9J 7H7


For people who had done extensive research on an airline companies before booking their flight, Lufthansa is an attractive choice. It is one of the most famous airlines in the world and constantly evolves and innovates to catch up with current events. However, it is not immune to small, telling details and a general weakness in human resources. The most common complaint that reaches the review sites is poor damage control by their personnel, especially as seen in the case of missing luggage wherein the staff remain ambivalent and “unhelpful.” It can be frustrating to have something that you consider serious not reach a resolution, and even in Lufthansa’s current CEO’s Carsten Spohr’s misleading handling of the Germanwings Flight 9525 tragedy, the world notices that the company’s manpower, management and customer service skills can benefit from an overhaul. We hope you found this Lufthansa Airline Review to be informative and decide to come back for future updates!






Lufthansa Airline Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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