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Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Reviews

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Reviews
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Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Reviews

Minneapolis St. Paul overview Airport Minneapolis St. Paul Airport is one of the biggest in the Midwest region. It is also one of the “best” large ones in the United States, according to statistics. Because of its size, it has since then developed a mosaic-like appearance, imbibing differing cultural trends and appearances into its own singular design. It is the effect of growing and adopting new developments that lend to Minneapolis St. Paul Airport a colourful impression that both fascinates and engrosses.

Its origins are as glittered as everything else about it. Their terminals, Lindbergh and Humphrey, were named after two famous Minnesotans. Even its geographic location, with the Minnesota and Minneapolis rivers as nearby landmarks, truly had created it one large piece of work that had been weathered with time and human hands.

Reviews: What People Are Saying

At airlinequality, Minneapolis St. Paul Airport reviews give the airline a rating of 4 out of 10 stars, an average score. Many people online were in awe at how big the airport was, making them feel like they were strolling through the insides of a mall complete with fantastic amenities.

These included the iPads available for perusing for free. Many loved how clean and ordered everything was, such as their soundproof carpeting or the frequency of shopping destinations. They certainly expressed their opinion, based on their Minneapolis St. Paul Airport reviews, that they would use the airport again.


There are 3 help desks located throughout the whole terminal 1, called Lindbergh terminal. In this terminal are located 117 different gates. Despite Lindbergh terminal’s size,  the number of information counters is miniscule.

Minneapolis St. Paul interior Airport ReviewsMinneapolis St. Paul interior 2 Airport ReviewsBathrooms for Men, Women and Families, are in convenient situations. They are in perfect positions from the main gates, restaurants and thoroughfares. Their qualities are described as being in good condition. They are clean and well-kept.

Some examples of food outlets, restaurants and eateries are Burger King, Starbucks, Chili’s and Ben & Jerry’s. These are great for passengers who want fast food at short notice. Food here is delicious and popular among the fliers and people who aren’t that familiar with the joint. Having ice cream on the go may be perfect to bring with you to your airplane.

On the other hand, shopping at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport is probably its best feature. You won’t run out of shopping options with their amazing choices of stores and boutiques placed healthily across the terminal.

They offered free wifi since 2012. However, the free cost lasts for 45 minutes. If you want faster connection, you can pay $2.95 for a 24-hour pass.

The shoebox-shaped complex is an amalgam of varying designs and styles. Inside, the mix of visuals makes for an interesting panorama of the airport. The vastness of the interior may put you off at first and going the distances between gates and walkways is a formidable task but it is worth it if you want to feel the grandeur of one of the United States’ most esteemed, especially in terms of sheer size.


Minneapolis St. Paul Airport is located 30 minutes by driving from downtown Minneapolis and St Paul. It is Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. You can access it by traversing Interstate Hwy 494 through interchange between I-494 & 34th Avenue and by Route 5.  Here are some landmarks near the airport: Mall of America,  Minneapolis Convention Center and TCF Bank Stadium.

Location – Traffic – Service

Minneapolis St. Paul airport map layout Airport They served more than 35.1 million passengers in 2014. With four runways, it is the third largest hub for Delta. Minneapolis St. Paul Airport was created as a primary hub for Northwest Airlines before that airline merged with Delta.

They connect to 137 nonstop destinations: 114 domestic and 23 international. Around half a million flights arrive and exit on an annual basis. The airport earns


Minneapolis St. Paul Airport terminal map ReviewsNews & Awards

News-wise. Minneapolis St. Paul Airport is now Minnesota’s largest site for solar energy. Its recently completed 3-megawatt solar installation heralded the replacement of their light fixtures to LED technology. The new developments will power 20% of the airport’s energy.

They have the best food in North American airports, awarded by the Airports Council International-North American. Another recognition the airport had received was from the Air Transport Research Society: a 2013 “Airport Efficiency Excellence Award,” making MSP one of the best managed large airports in the region.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: MSP
  • Phone number: (612) 726 5555
  • Website URL:
  • Any other contact info you might find:
  • Address: 6040 S 28th Ave. , St. Paul, MN 55450, United States


Minneapolis St. Paul Airport reviews comment on the various aspects of the airport. The comfort rooms need improvement, the food availability is fun and excellent, the shopping is superb. But what we can know more from Minneapolis St. Paul Airport reviews is that this airport is adamant in keeping its place. It success is brought on by an effort to better its own offerings. They pay tribute to their past and heritage by being all-American we-can-do and thinking big.

They have a responsibility and with sincerity and competence, they deliver only the best. It is great to learn about an airport as vibrant and rich as Minneapolis St. Paul Airport. Its majesty is not only in terms of its structure but in its service.

If you have anything to add to this Minneapolis St. Paul Airport review, feel free to leave a comment below.

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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