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MJET Airlines Reviews

MJET Airlines Reviews
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MJET Airlines Reviews

MJET Airlines logo ReviewsHiring a charter plane or a private jet is a convenient way to travel. They’re available at your beck and call and deliver you to your destinations in the speediest time. On a jet, you’ll find plenty of ways to entertain yourself. If you’re travelling for business purposes, this signifies that you’ll get a lot more done. These MJET Airlines reviews take in the airline and how it operates its business jets,

More Information about its Background

MJET Airlines was founded and established in 2007. Though it specialises in managing jet operations, it also is involved in the aviation-related consulting, flight support, aircraft sales & acquisitions, and new or used aircraft deliveries.

With its hubs at Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna, Geneva, its headquarters are located at Schwechat, Austria. The airline has a fleet size of 13 aircraft, recently acquiring and using Fokker 100EJ bizliners.

Feedback from Customers

You’d think that even if they weren’t so unknown, you’d find at least a handful of MJET Airlines reviews online. However, that is not the case. Searching for MJET Airlines reviews will lead you to reviews on similar-sounding airlines. No matter how hard you look, you’ll be hard pressed to come up with a valid result for your searches.

Let’s base our MJET Airlines reviews on their official website, It’s one of those websites that you won’t tire of, despite its plain appearance. You get the idea that they’re really conscientious: you can see that from their attention to detail.

Their content is expertly curated, all in all, they leave a favourable impression on visitors. No matter how scarce MJET Airlines reviews are, simply arriving at their website can convince us that they’re reliable and have great service, reflected from their online efforts.

A Glance at their Website

MJET Airlines website ReviewsA peek into their website is a glimpse into how they communicate their brand to the public. It’s no-nonsense and compact and their featured images are interesting because they’re taken from a certain vantage point that will surprise anyone.

Upon landing at their webpage, you’ll see several articles about their own aviation-related services. They also show News and Media Info under the About MJET subheading. The Services portion basically provides further information about their offered operations.

They have an interesting section on their website: Request a Quote, which turns out to be some sort of Ask MJET, contrary to expectations where the visitor can receive a quote or trivia. Request a Quote means getting your questions answered quickly.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: + 43 1 706 2700
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: + 43 1 706 2700 500
  • Head Office Address: Concorde Business Park 1/C3/12, 2320 Schwechat Austria

In a Nutshell

MJET Airlines plane reviewsMJET Airlines plane 2 ReviewsMJET Airlines reviews can point us to being convinced at the very beginning, even if we have as our only source their website. They come across as very detail-oriented and professional. They extend their helping hand by making sure their operations are finely relayed. A company of this caliber would pull up all the stops.

Do you feel the same way about MJET Airlines based on this MJET Airlines review? Tell us more here.


MJET Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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    Can’t help but appreciate all the effort MJet and Flightswatcher put into this. I agree with your points every step of the way.

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