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Published on September 21st, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Mobissimo Review

Mobissimo Review
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Mobissimo Review

In this modern era, the world of online travel agencies had opened up to customers a great number of opportunities. These come in the light of having a large number of information now available to anyone from anywhere in the world. This sudden accessibility has given people from all walks of life the ability to nail down a deal that they want, using a reputed travel agency.

In this Mobissimo review, let us look at travel search engine websites.

Back then, we used travel agents to help us. Nowadays, online travel websites are easily searchable and give us exactly what we need, thus splitting the time without compromising the price. Online travel sites provide us with services that make travelling efficient and satisfactory. On the other hand, we will see more of travel search engines in this Mobissimo review.

How it Started

Mobissimo is a travel search website founded in 2004. It allows searches of the lowest car, hotel and flight deals and redirects its users to the travel websites containing the ideal price listings. Its websites are tailored in these countries: North America, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, the UK, India and Japan.

Mobissimo is based in San Francisco, California. It employs 11- 50 people. Its co-founder and CEO is Beatrice Tarka. Lucia Carniglia and Svetlozar Neztorov are two of Mobissimo’s other co-founders.

Mobissimo CEO Review

Tarka previously headed Axall Media SARL as its CEO and has been in the travel industry for more than four years. Since August 25, 2015, she has been directing Travelzoo Inc. She has a degree in International Affairs from the American University of Paris and a consequent MBA from Boston University.

In late 2008, Mobissimo received an award for its Outstanding Achievement. The Chicago Tribune cited it as one of travel’s “3 Leading Search Engines” in 2010.

Customer Feedback

Mobissimo’s website users feel that the website’s offers are too good to be true and they often stay that way. Numerous negative reviews abound about Mobissimo and people question its reliability. There have been instances when certain deals had to verified by phone and were found out to be “nonexistent.” Its users need to feel that the search engine is giving them accurate results.

Mobissimo site Review

Another thing is that there is little feedback about the site online. Its users might not know how to proceed as they could not gather enough information about its credibility based from others’ experiences. Others who are less concerned do not think twice about trying it out despite these comments.

As we see in this Mobissimo review, its customer feedback has been a good mix between positive and negative. It’s your judgement call whether to rely on the few reviews available, but overall, Mobissimo looks like a promising site for your search needs.

What their Website Looks Like

Their official website at is simple and straightforward. They could improve on the lay-out of their site to make it more attractive.

They offer deals for hotels, cars, vacations and cruises right at the homepage. According to this Mobissimo review, the site specialises in price comparisons, and this feature crops up often on their site. You can easily cross-check your choice against others. Recommendations of cheap airfare and hotels also appear often.

Mobissimo site Review

Check out their Mobiblog and sign up for their newsletter on their website. Their official blog covers destination features, informative lists and how-tos. For more coverage about their search engine and their site, view Mobissimo’s FAQ here.

There’s little to start with when you’re looking for customers’ comments online. This is more difficult than actually using the website yourself. Most say that it is a fine site that answers their needs effectively. On the other hand, there have been discrepancies while browsing through it. It doesn’t have much problems, and generally, it promises to compare deals and help you and it accomplishes those functions fully.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 888 474 9733
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 415 348-1496
  • Head Office Address: 631 Howard St., Suite 520, San Francisco, California 94105


Mobissimo logo Review

This Mobissimo review looked at the search engine and history of the travel site. It is a great application to use for your travel needs. It’s easy to use and targets price comparison, is effective and performs its end well.

There are few better resources available that offer this function as Mobissimo does. Discovering Mobissimo can ultimately help you get a great travel deal once you learn how to properly navigate their website.


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    [There have been instances when certain deals had to verified by phone and were found out to be “nonexistent.” ] That’s kinda scary, and it’s too much of a mystery for my taste.

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