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Mokulele Airlines Reviews

Mokulele Airlines Reviews
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Mokulele Airlines Reviews

Mokulele Airlines logo ReviewsMokulele means something to Hawaiians, their heritage and to us passengers. Their foreign qualities appeal to customers’ whimsy and curiosity. This makes them perfect as travel companions as Mokulele Airlines in essence bridges the gaps among islands and peoples.

Mokulele reviews, in particular, are detail-driven accounts of actually flying with them. They are windows with which we could see more about the airline and be convinced to put our trust with them.

More about Mokulele

Mokulele Airlines CEO Reviews

Mokulele Airlines CEO Rod Hansen

Mokulele Airlines is a commuter airline based in Kona, Big Island of Hawaii in the United States of America. It was founded as Mokulele Flight Service in 1994 by a Native American Rebecca “Kawehi” Inaba. She was the first female Hawaiian n to have founded an airline in Hawaii.

Its main hubs are the Kahului Airport and Kona International Airport. The airline has a fleet size of 15 serving 9 destinations mostly inter-island and across Hawaii. Its CEO is Mr. Ron Hansen.

In 2008, it merged with North American airlines Alaska Airlines and WestJet Airlines. Recent records show that it services 117 inter-island flights in a day.

Comments from People

“If you are up for adventure, don’t mind going with the flow, and always want a window seat – FLY MOKULELE AIRLINES! They are affordable because they fly small planes, they are accessible because they utilize small airports, and they also offer a corporate program for business owners,” Mokulele Airlines cabin interior Reviewsenthuses Iwa H. from Haleiwa, United States on, regarding her Mokulele Airlines reviews.

From the 36 reviews, it got an average of 3 out of 5 stars. In typical Hawaiian fashion, their crew were friendly and professional. People online also say that they choose the airline over others since it is more comfortable and cheaper. It was also fairly punctual. The size of the planes made passenger feel cozy, there were no long lines to check in and this procedure was very quick considering the airport’s small size. The seating location by a plane window made for some wonderful captured shots .

Its Official Website

For some reason, their website at seems generic. You’re quite sure that you’ve seen something like it before and you’re left fending off this impression. It is in a vivid red with an image of a native flower in bright colours of tangerine orange and the red you see that is the theme of their page.

You can book your flight online, among other things. A list drops down from one of their upper tabs showing their Destinations. Their frequent flyer program is ‘Imi Loa. In it, you get a free 1 way ticket after completing 12 one-way flights.

According to their website, their seats are first-class allowing for comfort in flight and they’re also window seats. They fly 15 Cessna Grand Caravans to various destinations on a daily basis. Furthermore, their CEO’s message promises that you’d wish your trip lasted longer.

Feel free to contact them by filling up the necessary information in their Contact Us page. If you want, however, to view their news features, go here. In the latter, the images are highly personal, they correspond significantly to the text of the news article. Another thing that you can check out is their FAQs page where you can find answers about travel, baggage and security.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Local: 1-808-495-4188; Toll Free: 1-866-260-7070
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Mokulele Airlines, P.O. Box 4409, Kailua-Kona, HI 96745

A Service that Resonates

Mokulele Airlines airplane ReviewsMokulele reviews are mostly positive. In this case, having a few negative Mokulele reviews do not matter as the good ones have such a strong effect on us. People online express their love for the airline. Another thing to watch out for is their history and the things that set them apart: business features and the experience of flight with them.

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