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Netflights Reviews

Netflights Reviews
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Netflights Reviews

Netflight reviews see them as a company that offers a certain quality of service. At the end of the day, how they had performed and dealt with customer issues is what is important. Whether or not they are seen in a positive light depends on people’s personal experiences which vary widely, giving us a great arc of accounts to derive opinion from.

Origins and Ownership

Netflights is a travel company from the United Kingdom that offers flight, hotels, holidays and car hire services through the Internet. It was established in 1992 as Airline Network and is a part of Gold Medal Travel Group. The company employs 200- 500 employees and provides more than 40,000 hotels and 8,500 pick-off and drop-off points for car rental.

Netflights CEO Reviews

CEO of Gold Medal Travel Group Terry Fioher

Terry Fisher was CEO of Gold Medal Travel Group in 2006, when it was being groomed for sale to Thomas Cook in 2008. He was educated at Huddersfield Technical College and counts Art and Culture and Health as interests.

In 2010, won “Most Innovative Use of Data” at the Econsultancy Innovation Awards. It was also awarded Best Digital Experience in the Leisure, Entertainment, Events & Travel sector at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2014.

People’s Comments

Most commenters of Netflights reviews are surprised with the communication issues they had with Netflights. They sometimes botch bookings and don’t always have the initiative to apologise or acknowledge the incidents. After this happens, customers begin to avoid them. Calling them costs finances and they often result in further costs to amend any booking error or cancellation.

On the other hand are Netflights reviews which are positive: no problems, satisfactory and recommended to relatives. One reviewer went as far as to say that they were “superb” while another detailed Netflight’s competitive prices. It depends on how you experienced the service and on your own judgement.

Netflights site Website

As a backdrop to their website is a large image of a mountain with trees and daisies. Some people would find it alluring, of course, it reflects their brand the most.

Their options for searching for flights, hotels and cars have their own section. They’re on social media and they have their own blog which is filled with various media, videos, articles, photo galleries and an option to subscribe to Netflights.

A new feature of theirs is Flight Facts, which displays a score for routes based on comfort, speed and quality. Special focus is on getting the cheapest accommodations and rentals available, which explains their “great value for money” deals. Aside from these, they show guides to destinations and where to go for holidays.

For more information, offers and updates about Netflights, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

For further details about, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 01772 507066
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address:, The Trident Centre, Port Way, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2QG.

Netflights logo ReviewsIn Conclusion

Looking at Netflights reviews takes you away from your impression of their website and other aspects, such as its history or its mission. The Netflights reviews are detailed, giving different perspectives on how people had experienced the company.

Netflights has had some glitches, they do not explain themselves properly and are difficult to communicate with. They are still worth a try as these problems are common lot among travel companies and may be special cases.

Do you agree with this Netflights review? Share your ideas here.


Netflights Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Charmaine34 Boyd says:

    However fun their site is, I’m personally bothered by the part in this review about them being uncommiuncable, that’s really important in business and I hope they won’t botch it where I’m concerned.

  2. Trixie E. says:

    The least they can do is do their part correctly, I have no patience with irresponsible services. I’m really sorry to hear about that part of netflights.

  3. Stephanie Colton says:

    This is so disappointing, i Had been searching for reviews about Netflights and this one isn’t too positive. I hope that they would be better when they come to serving me.

  4. Jsie says:

    Don’t trust online travel agencies, they will screw up your vacation and are difficult to retrieve your money again! I am so disappointed and glad to have stumbled upon this revealing review about Netflights!

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