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New England Airlines Reviews

New England Airlines Reviews
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New England Airlines Reviews

New England Airlines logo ReviewsWhat would first come to mind when you think of New England? Many people may not be familiar with this region of the United States or with the historical events that lead to it being associated with another country. Nevertheless, the name is a strong one and makes the airline sound grand and formal.

If you want to know more about New England Airlines, think about the points raised from these New England Airlines reviews.

Its History and Ownership

New England Airlines is an American regional airline based in Westerly, Rhode Island. It was founded and started operating in 1970. It from Westerly State Airport where it mainly runs. Its scheduled services proceed to Block Island while servicing other destinations as well.

New England Airlines President Owner Reviews

New England Airlines President and Owner William Bendokas

Its fleet size numbers 7 aircraft. New England Airlines is best remembered for delivering cargo of certain types, such as restaurant orders, to Block Island within 90 minutes. William “Bill” Bendokas is its President, owner and is also a pilot.

Their Official Website

You may feel surprised when you visit their website. It looks really old-fashioned and this could lead us to think that either they had a lot of time to perfect their services or their services are old, outdated and dangerous. We can, on the other hand, respect the style they chose as they planned to stand out and they’re quite memorable.

The website at is in violet, blue and red. These colours can eventually make you feel dizzy but can also awaken you in that they appear in bright variants. The site shows information about their scheduled and charter services. These texts are creative and show some trivia about getting to the airport, flying with them or about the cuisine in Block Island.

Here is a link to their scheduled Block Island flights. At the bottom of their web page is the email with which you can contact them:

Discovering Feedback about Them

We don’t have much New England Airlines reviews to base on. Since this is the only airline that offers scheduled services to be based in Rhode Island, their obscurity will lead to a silence in the world wide web. Their official website is a representative of their airline and how they presented it says a lot about them.

Basically, it looks rather old. The airline has been operating since 1970 so it looks like their website has been relatively unchanged. If this is a marketing ploy of theirs is yet unclear. They had chosen for it to appear that way and they succeed in providing their viewers and users with highly entertaining and illuminating text blocks that not only give us a taste of their airline but are also very interesting. It is like dipping your feet into a travel insider while you are on the airline website.

If you observe closer, you’ll notice that the text actually guide you throughout the whole process of flying with them in chronological order. It takes you from your departure area to details about your destination to the frequency of their scheduled flights. Your first impressions will be dispelled once you linger on their page, it’s actually attractive in its way and is one to captivate your attention and memory.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +1 401 596 24 60; +1 800 243 24 60
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 401 596 73 66
  • Head Office Address: 56 Airport Road, Westerly, Rhode Island, 02891-3427, USA

Maximum Impact and a Vivid Legacy

New England Airlines airplane ReviewsTheir airline doesn’t need to have much New England Airlines reviews for us to come up with distinct opinions about it. Their services are given creative insight on their website. The text in it are detail-oriented and engaging to read while giving us a clear picture of their operation. New England Airlines reviews are sure to mention these and the airline’s performance.

What do you think of this New England Airlines review? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. Paul K. says:

    hi! Just thought you ought to know that I really liked this review. I’m always scouting around for random airlines reviews, and so far I’m very happy with what I have found so far! I know New England is going to be Swell!

  2. Larisse says:

    THanks for this wonderful review, couldn’t agree with you more. I’m also looking around for a decent airline and this one is good enough, though it is not in my region. Much appreciated.

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