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Niki Airlines Review

Niki Airlines Review
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Niki Airlines Review

Back then, travelling was rather expensive and could only take a flier so many miles. In the past  It was for a certain purpose and was reserved for those who could afford it. Considering that flying is often called “a miracle,” it is no wonder that more and more people are captivated by it and what it can do or mean to us.

In the first decades of the 21st century, we had seen a tremendous growth in the flight industry. A larger number of fliers and the expansion of airlines contribute to how travel has made numerous aspects of our lives easier. Flying, as we will see in this Niki Airlines Review, made the world a knowable mystery.

The Airline at a Glance

Niki Airlines is an Austrian low-cost airline. It’s slogan is “The Passenger Comes First.”  Founded in 2003 by decorated pilot and Grand Prix driver Niki Lauda, it commenced operations on November 28, 2003. The airline exists as a subsidiary of Air Berlin.

Niki Airlines founder Review

Niki Airlines founder Niki Lauda

Niki Airlines’ headquarters are in Schwechat, Austria. Its main hub is in Vienna International Airport. As of June 2015, according to this Niki Airlines review, the airline has 22 aircraft of the like of Aircraft A319-100, Aircraft A320-200 and Aircraft A321-200.

Its CEO from February 2012 until 2015 was Austrian Christian Lesjak. Lesjak was educated at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is multilingual in 4 languages including English. During his stay with Niki Airlines, he oversaw a steady profitable growth of the airline.  Also, under him the airline had seen major redesigning in its efforts to expand its network.

Inside Access into Niki Airlines

Their service, according to this Niki Airlines review, is excellent, with a tasty food selection, especially their choice of sandwiches. Soft drinks and water were regularly offered all throughout with a hot snacks depending on what kind of flight you’re on.

The plane was on time, with a quick check-in and baggage procedure, and they follow their slogan closely, seeking to be friendly with their passengers. The crew helps everyone on board and are often praised for their kindness and competence.

Niki Airlines plane ReviewNiki Airlines crew Review

Information dissemination was efficient, including the inflight entertainment material. The interiors of the plane were really tidy, with an occasional lack of personal space. Despite the fact that Niki Airlines is a low-cost airline, the quality that most reviewers claim that it has is extremely good, better than most of its kind. They also usually say that their flight went smoothly and that they’d love to use Niki Airlines again for their travelling needs.

Peering Closer into their Website

Their official website comes across a little informal though, presenting to the viewer an initial, rather crude image of one of their airplanes in close range. A small link to their parent Air Berlin is included in the picture’s lower left portion. You’ll be prompted to enter your location and language, which will then lead you to the website proper.

The site, as it is, is fine and contains a healthy mix of lively images and text. From here, you have flight, car and hotel options available. You can check-in online up until around 45 minutes before your plane’s departure. Collect miles while you travel or everyday for topbonus customers.

They offer special assistance to disabled or needy passengers. Niki Airlines partnered with oneworld and Air Berlin for more flying benefits for their customers. The airline also has its own app for iPhone, Windows or more recently Android. Using this app, you can check in on the go and receive your boarding pass.

In this Niki Airlines review, we see that flying with them is a pleasant experience. Several snacks are served in flight, a selection of beverages as well as a newspaper.

Certain flights give one the option to preorder a gourmet meal which includes an oven fresh bread roll, a croissant, fruit, apricot jam and homemade muesli. You can also “buy on board.” The food has been commended and the airline crew and cabin performed their duties of putting the passengers first.

Niki Airlines meal Review

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +43 1 701 260
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +43 1 701 264 70
  • Head Office Address:  NL Luftfahrt GmbH, Office Park 1 Top B03, 1300 Vienna, Austria

Words of Conclusion

This Niki Airlines review looks at the background and main points of the airline. Overall, the Austrian low-cost airline is highly recommended if you wish to have a safe, comfortable and relaxing trip.

Most positive comments were about its dining, which is excellent. On the other hand, their constant professionalism and adherence to high quality set them apart from other airlines of their kind.

Most people in this Niki Airlines review would say that the company is a wonderful choice. Considering its place in the flight industry of Austria, it is gaining ground on its own as a deliverer of its many promises to its customers.


Niki Airlines Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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