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Northern Air Cargo Reviews

Northern Air Cargo Reviews
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Northern Air Cargo Reviews

Northern Air Cargo was held by the same family, the Sholtons, in America for some time before the airline company was purchased by Saltchuk Resources. Their history and heritage are reflected in their name, which only fully cements their position in global aviation.

To see more about a service, it is important to do some background checks first. Let’s find out more about the airline through my opinion and Northern Air Cargo reviews.

Its Background

Northern Air Cargo map ReviewsNorthern Air Cargo is a cargo airline founded by Bobby Sholton and Morrie Carlson in 1956. It was the earliest all-cargo airline in Alaska. They are based in Anchorage, Alaska, with a main base at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and a hub at Fairbanks International Airport. They offer scheduled and charter cargo services. They have a fleet size of 5 flying to 19 destinations.

Originally a family-owned business from their founding fathers, Northern Air Cargo was then relinquished to Saltchuk Resources 50 years after their establishment, in 2006. The company is presently a subsidiary of Saltchuk Resources. The Sholton family welcomed this development to their personal and professional lives.

Northern Air Cargo President CEO Reviews

Northern Air Cargo President and CEO David Karp

Northern Air Cargo’s President and CEO is David W. Karp. He had held a number of key positions and directorships for different companies. He is from the University of Oregon and the Harvard School of Business.

Discover what People are Saying

Their magnificent way of looking at things makes me think of coming up with my own Northern Air Cargo reviews. Since there are so few of them online, I rely on my own tastes, references and discernment in determining if they are any good for Northern Air Cargo reviews.

We can safely assume that behind a clean exterior lies many family secrets. Northern Air Cargo had its origins as an enterprise passed down among relatives. They make their mentality known to us by their sense of control and eagerness to please their customers in a way that leaves them feeling satisfied enough. I think that their energy radiates from the power of their website and that they only naturally have the same energy flowing through their services.

Their Website greets you with an entire image of a sky and red and white like the colour of their livery. This may rub off in certain ways to a visitor. They dominated simplicity. The backdrop of scene of a sky is in perfect juxtaposition to a somewhat bolder and brighter still of one Polar Air Cargo planes.

Explanations about their cargo service are common everywhere you look on their page. If you want more information and get your questions answered, then go to their FAQs page. This contains all the most frequently asked questions. Where you can find out how much transportation costs or when and where you can ship.

Their NEWS is a different matter altogether, I personally believe that they could benefit from having larger picture or at least smaller text. You may find it discouraging to be bombarded with the entirety of an article all at once. This is not a problem but may lessen your appreciation.

For more information, offers and updates about Northern Air Cargo, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Northern Air Cargo President logo ReviewsContact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (907) 243-3331; Toll free 1 (800) 727-2141
  • Contact Email: customercare@nacaero
  • Head Office Address: 4510 Old International Airport Road, Anchorage, AK 99502

Being Considerate

Northern Air airplane ReviewsI think that their website is commonly fine to look at, being in bright colours and a bold interface. It encourages one to use the site and makes for a fun experience. They display the most interesting and relevant information on their page and includes some screenshots and sections that are breaths of fresh air.

Overall, my Northern Air Cargo reviews establish that the airline may be strong with minor room for improvement, similar to their website.

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Northern Air Cargo Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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