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Orbitz Review

Orbitz Review
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Online travel websites opened up a lot of opportunities for travellers all over the world. In the comfort of their own homes, customers can now easily get the best deals in the market and choose from a wider list of reputed agencies. It’s really easy to find exactly what you’re looking and employing the expertise of a travel agency is one way of getting closer to your dream vacation.

What is Orbitz? is an online travel website under Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. Orbitz Worldwide contains Orbitz Partner Network and Orbitz for Business.

Since 2009, Barney Harford has been the CEO, President and Director of Orbitz which began operations in 2001. He’s been Orbitz’s Director since January 2009 and had held various top positions in several companies other than Orbitz. He was educated in Philosophy of Science and History and Natural Science at Cambridge University. Originally from the United Kingdom, he currently lives with this family in Chicago.

Barney CEO of Orbitz

Barney Harford, CEO, President and Director of Orbitz, focuses on industry expertise.

How to Travel with this Company

Their official website promises quick booking, they have a mobile site m.orbitz and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s easy to check your flight status but having your flight changed will cost you upwards from $30 and other miscellaneous fees for change of airline.

You can’t refund Activities reservations however, these activities are tour packages, shuttle services, and dinner and entertainment. However, you can check in online and from there, print a boarding pass. Combine flights, hotels and car service and save up to $675. They also have hot deals on hotels and motels, travel deals for cruises, flight discounts and resort credits for you.

My Orbitz Review is like most other travel sites so you’re left to wonder what makes it so special. The offers on its website like Orbitz Rewards however look really promising. They do have flight promo codes online but they offer practically the same services as everyone else. It’s still a great deal though and their website is easy to understand. You can contact them through chat, e-mail message or phone. You can also proceed to their Customer Support page.

Orbitz is generally a great site to do business with but getting through to them can be difficult. Considering that they help flights and travellers, some accounts detail that they sometimes hadn’t done their end sufficiently. They really need to focus on what their business offers if that’s what they specialise in. Their tasks can be improved but rewards and their main performance point that it’s still a wonderful agency to rely on.

Despite its minor glitches, Orbitz managed to top the 2014 Online Travel Provider ranking conducted by the 2014 ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey. Its iPhone app bests the rest of the travel apps. Reviews shouldn’t always be relied upon and Orbitz’s recognition by glassdoor as the #1 “Travel Agency to Work For” in 2012, 2013 and 2014 proves that separate counts of this online travel agency’s failures doesn’t mean that doing business with them is too risky. Given Barney Harford’s colourful history and decorated professional experience, Orbitz dedicates to achieve global success focusing on their industry expertise.

Orbitz Mobile App Review

Orbitz around People

Lots of Orbitz’s customers get frustrated over the kind of service that they receive: interactions with their staff leave them so disappointed that they later express their disinterest in using Orbitz again. Mostly, complaints are about refunds and actually contacting Orbitz is another pressing matter dissatisfied customers face. Booking with them has no problems but getting car services and cancellations, for some, can have its issues.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 312-894-5000
  • Head Office Address: 500 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60661, United States

Its Main Strengths

Orbitz Website Review

Orbitz is basically a trusted website for travellers to use if they want minimal problems. There’s a lot going on for it but its website doesn’t really stand out despite having attractive-looking deals in it. If you want your flight booking done effectively, do contact them as they really pride themselves on their main operations. It also has a respectable reputation and its fair share of awards that ought to convince you that you’ll have a smooth journey. We hope you enjoyed our Orbitz Review and decide to come back for more online travel agency reviews int he future!


Orbitz Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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    I really liked this article. esp the info about their app! TY!!

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    I have done price rates comparison on leading travel sites including Expedia,
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  3. Henry L. says:

    Yeah, tell me indeed what is so special about Orbitz? Looks like they’ve got issues on their own that make them kind of a risk!

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