HotelTravel Reviews

HotelTravel Reviews

HotelTravel logo ReviewsWhat makes an online travel agency one the most prominent in the world? Despite being based on Asia, HotelTravel is a company that speaks on global terms. Their universality, coupled with certain HotelTravel reviews, tells us the core of their business in a language that coheres.

The quality of their service transcends barriers. Their multinational scope binds cultures together. What do HotelTravel Reviews have to say, separated from the pomp and reputation, about this agency’s actual performance?

Traveling with Hotels’

HotelTravel is a major website for booking hotels with its corporate address in Thailand. They were founded in 1999 and operate on a global scale. Their service database includes over 140,000 hotels worldwide. is available in 10 languages.

HotelTravel CEO Founder Reviews
HotelTravel CEO and Founder Blair Speers

Their efforts are to provide the best-priced services to their global clients. Emphasis is in the Asian region and they employ their staff from more than 20 countries. Their business revolves around the slogan “Real People | Real Service | Real Choice.”

Aside from assisting with booking, their website also hosts travel-related content to inspire their customers and help them make better-informed travel decisions. The company’s CEO and Founder is Blair Speers. An accomplished businessman who has resided in Thailand for more than 20 years, he is Canadian. He’s the IT Chairman for the PATA Thailand Chapter and guest speaks at various institutions.

What are People Saying about HotelTravel?

HotelTravel reviews can be positive or negative, as with most online travel agencies. While some say that using them was a pleasant experience, still others complain that the company had ripped them off when they refused refunding over natural grave circumstances.

Other negative HotelTravel reviews pertain to the inefficiency of their booking and reservations procedure. When you make a reservation, you might see that it did not push through. Contacting them about these is also another problem. People online finally come to the conclusion of false advertising and failure of honouring their alleged best prices.

A Look at their Website

HotelTravel website ReviewsI wonder why this would be one of the world’s fastest growing travel sites. Their website is completely basic and there’s not much out of the ordinary about it. Generally, you’ll see the usual features: images, search engines, features and sections at around the bottom page. In terms of searching power, they must be the very best in their field, considering their decorous recognition.
At the top, you can read that they say that they have “discounted hotel  rates at over 190 countries.” In 2013, the website also shows, HotelTravel was voted the “Best Online Travel Agency.” Both of these points make their company highly reputed. Seeing these on their landing page is a great way to convert people.

The pictures in their site are creative and nice to look at. They’re usually shot at unusual angles, making them more interesting. There is a sense of  purpose throughout which can be felt in the carefully chosen content of their home page.

For more information, offers and updates about HotelTravel, kindly refer to their Twitter account here. Meanwhile, visit this link if you want to contact HotelTravel.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Thailand +66-76-282-808; United States and Canada +1-646-360-1678
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 27/180 Chok Thip Villa, Moo 8, Chao Fa Rd, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand 83130

The Best Travel Agencies

HotelTravel banner ReviewsHotelTravel must have excellent service if they are acclaimed as the best online travel agency. Although this is not immediately apparent from visiting their website, we can say that the more positive HotelTravel reviews would agree at one point that the company is to be trusted from the quality of the bookings which they give.

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Berry Aviation Reviews

Berry Aviation employee Reviews

Berry Aviation Reviews

Berry Aviation logo ReviewsFirst of all, where did Berry Aviation get its name? Its current owner and general head is Sonny Berry which makes sense if the airline is named after his own family.

The image of a berry fruit recedes in the background once we discover this fact. In all entirety, Berry Aviation is a personal airline, as can be seen from Berry Aviation reviews. Their flavour in bringing people closer through travel and through their website is evident.

More on its Background

Berry Aviation is an airline from the United States of America, based in San Marco, Texas. Founded in 1983 in Austin, Texas, it flies passengers and cargo while attending to the US Postal Service. Its main base and hub is at the San Marcos Municipal Airport. The airline has a fleet size of 24 aircraft.

Berry Aviation President Reviews
Berry Aviation President Sonny Berry

Mr. Sonny Berry is Berry Aviation’s current President, CEO and owner. According to their official website at, their spectrum of operations include “Government, Private Charter, Scheduled and On-Demand Freight, Maintenance, and FBO.” The airline is also known and specialises on athletic team travel.

In the 2014 Bechtel Systems and Infrastructure Subcontractor and Supplier Recognition Awards, Berry Aviation was recognised with the “Key Small Business Award “ for its outstanding efforts in Bechtel’s government services.

People’s Comments

According to some Berry Aviation reviews, the airline receives positive feedback. However, we cannot really access much Berry Aviation reviews as the ones which we encounter are indirect Berry Aviation reviews.

We can base our Berry Aviation reviews on their website alone. They appear to focus on engaging their customers. The rest of their website is filled with appropriate pictures and long lines of text. Whether or not these are what the customer is looking for is another matter.

Some of their website visitors may be disappointed with the kind of information communicated through the site. They may have been expecting something else. In this sense, perhaps the overall content on their site is superfluous. People online get the feeling that the airline is veering attention away from certain aspects.
Their Official Website

The images on their website are very vivid. This makes navigating through their page a pleasant experience. The pictures are usually about different be manaspects of their operations. You’ll see some on repairs, landing and maintenance, among others. These are very personal and the airline concentrates on focusing on their people. The colours are amazing and the rest of their website is very efficient and appears normal.

You can consider how long their content are in each link. There is a lot of information to be seen on their page and their text are very helpful. They talk a lot about the particular service or aspect of their operations clearly. You can get a lot from reading through their website.

For more information, offers and updates about Berry Aviation, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Toll Free: (800) 229-2379 — Tel: (512) 353-2379
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (512) 353-2593
  • Head Office Address: 1807 Airport Drive, San Marcos, Texas, 78666 USA

In Conclusion

Berry Aviation airplane ReviewsI think that Berry Aviation reviews would agree that their airline’s services may seem old-fashioned and expected. We base this on their website. A classic look on their page goes a long way but Berry Aviation also commits the step of focusing on people’s perception of them to the detriment of other aspects.

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New York John F. Kennedy International Airport Reviews

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport Reviews

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport airport ReviewsThe New York International Airport was renamed New York John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1963 after the United States’ 35th president John F. Kennedy. The Kennedys were a prominent political clan who had captured the imaginations of the masses. In fact, they were called as America’s royalty.

The airport was popularly known as Ildewild Airport from its founding in 1948 until its renaming on December 24. Its location in the Big Apple suburbs, according to these New York John F. Kennedy International Airport reviews, means that it fully reflects the surrounding topography.

Reviews: What People Are Saying

The constant flux, the changes that New York John F. Kennedy International Airport is known for are also causes for concern of most people online in their New York John F. Kennedy International Airport reviews. The facilities and procedures or processed were usually being overhauled, sending passengers into a commotion getting them confused.

Airport staff attitude left something to be desired. They were described as being inattentive, rude and unaccommodating. Other airport services were disappointingly “paltry.” JFK airport ranks low on ratings, but remains the country’s busiest in terms of international travel.


At website airlineratings, New York John F. Kennedy International Airport garners a high score of 8 out of 10 stars. Their large interiors call for a substantial number of help and information desks, which they have scattered across the vicinity of their terminal building.

Their bathrooms, on the other hand, are also strategically located within the airport. Unfortunately, according to some New York John F. Kennedy International Airport Reviews, the latter are too small and poorly kempt. For showering purposes, you can use the Delta Lounge if you are a VIP member or had purchased an all-day pass.

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport interior ReviewsThe number of shops and eateries in this site makes for a wonderful lesiurely experience. There are a lot of food stalls and their large food court houses a variety of dining options. The upper portions and the airport’s west sides are oft-frequented for their shopping destinations.

You can use their free wifi Internet access for 30 minutes. Longer than that will incur time to be paid for to Boingo.

As with the rest of it, the airport is duly in need of construction and renovation and is smattered with tight, close spaces. Its size is enthralling and spacious with bespoke art mobiles that hint at its past.


New York John F. Kennedy International Airport is situated in the borough of Queens at its southeastern section on Jamaica Bay. It is twelve mile southeast from Lower Manhattan. You can reach it through I-678 (Van Wyck Expressway); 878 Nassau Expressway and the Belt Parkway. Some inns within the region of their expansive property are the Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Garden Inn.

Location – Traffic – Service

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport map layout ReviewsA large international airport, in 2014, it handled 53,254,362 passengers. It has 4 runways and 6 passenger terminals. The airlines American, Delta, & JetBlue use New York John F. Kennedy International Airport as a primary hub.

Nonstop destinations are located in 6 continents while the average number of flights arrivals and take-offs are around 400,000 in a year. They generate around $ 39.3 New York John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal map Reviewsbillion.annually and $14.1 in wages and salaries.

News and Awards

The airport doesn’t have much New York John F. Kennedy International Airport news about it. Most recently, on a November 23, 2015 news article, the airport let the passeners arriving to JFK airport from Cancun, Mexico bypass operations and customs. The staff then later asked these passengers to return to complete the whole airport procedure.

In terms of recent awards, they were recognised as North America’s Leading Airport 2014.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: JFK
  • Phone number: (718) 244 2444
  • Website URL:
  • Any other contact info you might find:
  • Address: Keahole Airport Rd , New York, NY 11430, United States


This airport is known for many things. One of the most prominent is the allusion to the famous figure in its airport name: John F. Kennedy. Does his name live on adequately throughout New York John F. Kennedy International Airport’s operations or does it not to its momentous history?

In these New York John F. Kennedy International Airport reviews, their facilities and their air traffic were enumerated. They sure are one of the country’s largest airports in tems of flights but their actual services are disappointing and uncouth. They operate like a smaller business that breeds nonchalance rather than as an airport with a noble pedigree. I think they could learn more from the people who can help them improve their minor glitches.

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Lowcost Reviews

Lowcost Reviews

Lowcost logo ReviewsEveryone wants to get a good deal using a travel website, as we see in these Lowcost reviews. This is one major reason why people online browse and visit various travel sites. With them, a person can leave with a service which they wouldn’t have found elsewhere without their help.

Lowcost reviews are all about the company’s website and their offerings. People love a good bargain and in travel, that is tantamount to saving a lot of effort and finances.             

More About the Service

Lowcost was founded in 2003. It is a privately owned company based in the Seychelles with the aim to become the world’s leading resource for budget travel: air tickets, hotels, B&Bs, hostels and car rental. Their official website was launched in 2005. Lowcost matches low prices with low-cost airlines from Europe.

In their website, you will be lead the the website of the low-cost airline wherein you can create and complete your booking. On, you can find the travel deal which you cannot find anywhere else. The regions of North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East were then added to their system.

Some information which they include in their search results are links to airline websites where the user can book the flights directly, map details of the location of the airport, details of ‘what is on’ in the arrival city, the current weather situation and hotels in the arrival city.

Discover People’s Comments

Very few, if none, Lowcost reviews exist. They are from a remote area of the world and this much is expected. Their services seem very professional though and it can be imagined that they actually really provide their customers with competitive prices.

Lowcost reviews can agree that that what we see of them through their official website,, is basic and original. It seems informal but they are also highly informative. I can base my Lowcost reviews on the fact that they are a fun hefty resource for travelers all over their region.

Looking at

Lowcost website ReviewsYou get the impression from visiting their site that they’re actually pretty low-cost. Their site is old-fashioned and has for its images, numerous small colourful pictures related to the preceding or surrounding text.

Users are encouraged to enter either or both departure and destination place to get started finding the deals that they like. The tabs on the topmost part of the site show options for full-service flights, lowcost hotels, B&B and hostels and car rentals.

You view the language by clicking the different flag icons. These are situated above the search engines for flights and hotels. They say that the more information that you enter, naturally, the more specific will be your search result.

For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

I think that their website is jam-packed with information. It is also fun to navigate through it and the vibrancy and vividness of all the features further compel the visitor. It is great to use but what Lowcost reviews say about them will also cement our impressions of them.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-877-657-4874; Outside U.S./Canada 00-800-79645630 or +1-210-507-6512
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Seychelles

Concluding Words

Lowcost banner ReviewsThis website has been the object of our Lowcost reviews. We see that they are an engaging online presence and that they focus on content and logistics. They have no Lowcost reviews to speak off. Their aim of being the global leader, in this case, seems a little far-fetched but they are a great site with interesting prospects.

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West Air Reviews

West Air plane Reviews

West Air Reviews

West Air logo ReviewsWe see in these West Air reviews that the West is where the sun sets but not in Las Vegas. The west is a region of the world that has brought mankind numerous accomplishments in art and science. In the United States, the west is pronounced by their own climate and people’s culture.

Flying with American airline West Air is as efficient as their website. Their other features to be seen from the airline’s West Air reviews further elucidate their performance.

More on its History

West Air is an airline from the United States of America. They are based in Fresno, California with headquarters at Las Vegas, NV, United States. Founded in 1988, it has a fleet size of 31 Cessna Grand Caravan 208B and flies to 22 destinations. The airline’s base at Fresno, California is where they maintain their aircraft.

It works on behalf of FedEx Express to places in California, Nevada and Utah. Its current CEO is Mr. Lawrence Olson, whose email address, according to their website is

What are People Saying?

West Air is often confused with other types of airlines, which is why West Air reviews are so hard to come by. We do not find much about them. The ones that are pulled out are about other similar-sounding airlines from other countries. The actual West Air reviews about the American-based airline are practically nonexistent which is rather odd as they are not so obscure but simply seem to have little activity and comments from people online.

We will rely on our own impressions of their website to make assumptions on their service. This is how we perceive their service. I think that their website could have more text on it, it seems to be some hub for their employees more than anything. There’s not much place for interaction in it but it will suffice for any instant. When people search them up, they do not expect too much airline data and their website actually is fine in most respects. You will find that it will be a great source of information about the airline.

However, it is not enough that there are so few West Air reviews. It ends up with having too little known about the airline which makes it difficult to derive other fresh opinions from authentic West Air reviews.

A Look at their Website

West Air website ReviewsTheir website is in American colours of red, white and blue. It has some images of their Cessnas which move throughout the website slideshow. You can get a good look at their aircraft though this feature and some other pictures show other aspects of their operations such as actual flight or assisting landings.

The upper tabs on their page show About Us, Contact Us and Employees and Employment tabs. In each of these links, you can view more information about the specific subject. Furthermore, their website indicates that they provide “On-Time Delivery of Air Cargo Since 1988.”

This is the set-up of their home page and despite being rather simple, it is a great introduction into the airline. Their website, as we saw from our own West Air reviews, succeeds in looking professional.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 559-454-7843
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 559-454-7840
  • Head Office Address: 5005 E Andersen Ave, Fresno, CA 93727

In Conclusion

West Air airplane ReviewsI think that despite the shortage of West Air reviews, we can come up with decent opinions of our own about the airline. They are effective in what they put their minds into. This shows from their website. West Air reviews are rare but we can glean on our own that they have little problems running their business.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Reviews

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Reviews

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport airport ReviewsDid you know from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Reviews that the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s largest and busiest? It serves as a gateway for flights within, and to and from the United States. Its is both domestic and international.

Its reputation as the world’s top performer and especially the airport with the most work in its hands has been established since 1998. The numbers keep on increasing, pushing Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Reviews ever more to the positive.

This leader in passenger traffic, sheer structural size and airport amenities and sights is poised to keep its stature in the industry, which it has held for many consecutive years.

Reviews: What People Are Saying

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reviews say that the airport was clean and modern-looking. Furthermore, most other Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reviews are positive comments about the services and features that can be gleaned from reading about the airport online: such as their shopping, technology and dining.

With great functionality and above all efficiency, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is also a fun place to be in. People online appreciated the options inside and found their experience to be an impressive one, as they knew of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reviews and the airport’s status.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport interior ReviewsVolunteers decked out in uniforms are to be seen patrolling the airport ready to help out passengers. A Concierge Services center is in Terminal North, Traveler’s Aid and Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau information desks, meanwhile, are in the Airport Atrium.

The concourses have 4 sets of bathrooms each and the atriums has 2 sets of bathrooms each. They accommodate wheelchairs and their sinks are touchless. There’s no need for messy soap dispensers and having to touch dirty faucets with their no-touch sinks.

What about places to eat in the airport?  Chef Duane Nutter’s One Flew South is a great way to start, with their food’s Southern flavour. In Concourse A, you can head to Varasano’s which is a pizzeria with a piano bar.

Shopping options here make for an interesting way to pass your time. You can avail of a variety of products such as Swarovski crystals and Buckhead Books, adjacent to C27. Concourse A is where Airport Wireless is located, for your gadget needs.

They have an all-around wifi network, SSID ATL Free Wi-Fi, which anyone in the airport can access. It is free as the name suggests and makes the airport one big Internet hotspot for users eager to catch up with entertainment or leisure while lounging inside the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Since it is the world’s busiest, several moving walkways are installed throughout. Art pieces, some from Zimbabwe, are to be seen. The range of their available divertissements make for an interesting stay in an expansive interior with key pocket places for private times in their terminals. The airport has a modern feel with scattered conveniences and luxuries abroad that uphold its status as one of the best and the most efficient one available.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is located a few miles south of Atlanta’s business district. Here are the roads you can use to get there: exit 242 to the Domestic Terminal  and exit 239 to the International Terminal. You can use MARTA’s Red/Gold rail line and Camp Creek Parkway to get to the airport.

Some noticeable landmarks near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are Landmark Aviation and Landmark Diner.

Location – Traffic – Service

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport map layout ReviewsThey have more than 200 nonstop destinations with one third being international. Specifically, they have 225 destinations in 51 different countries. 4 runways are being used. 96.1 million customers use the airport annually.

It accommodates 2,500 daily flight arrivals and departures and generates 34 billion for the economy. Meanwhile it is the primary hub of Delta Air Lines.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport terminal map Reviews

News and Awards

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one to the top 10 airports for cargo. As of the first three months of the year 2015, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s cargo volume increased by 9.56% compared to the same time the year before. This only cements the airport’s status as the main economic driver of the Atlanta region. Meanwhile, plans are underway to develop the first globally recognised energy management system in an airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was recognised as the world’s most efficient airport for the twelfth year in a row. This “Global Efficiency Excellence Award” was bequeathed by the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) in July 2015.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: ATL
  • Phone number: (404) 530 7300
  • Website URL:
  • Any other contact info you might find: Fax  1-404-530-7384.
  • Address: 6000 N Terminal Parkway , Atlanta, GA 30320, United States


Entering this airport, I think, is like getting lost inside a land of wonders and majesty. From its beautiful interiors, as we see in these Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reviews, to the tasteful combination of their services which provide their passengers with the very best in luxury and thrills, the stakes that the airport has in the past and current market are as huge as it is. I would definitely recommend trying Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport once in your life, if you are curious about this and other Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reviews.

SmarTours Reviews

SmarTours co-CEO Reviews

SmarTours Reviews

SmarTours logo ReviewsSmarTours has the words smart and tours in it. This could mean that traveling with them is the right choice and we can understand from what SmarTours reviews we discover how much of a smart choice they really are.

SmarTours Reviews dig deep into this iconic travel website and give us more information about how they had been making their customers better deals than average.

Its Background

SmarTours is a travel agency company established in 1996. According to their website, their main aim is “to provide high quality, exciting group vacation tours to some of the most fascinating countries in the world at the lowest possible price.” Their packages are all-comprehensive: from low air fares, high-quality hotels, activities and sightseeing to customer support to guide you through the entire process.

SmarTours co-CEO Reviews
SmarTours co-CEO George Geronemus

Since their founding, they had since then successfully serviced 150,000 customers.  Some of the numerous awards it has received are “Best Provider of Vacation Package Deals to Europe or Asia”  at the 2012 Travelzoo Awards and “Best Priced Packages to South Africa”  at the 2010 Ubuntu Tourism Awards. Dave Rosner and George Geronemus are the company’s co-CEOs.

More Information From Its Customers

The negative SmarTours reviews pertain to disappointment over a service which the customer received from one of their reservations. Sometimes the advertised service, a cruise for instance. fails to impress being somewhat of a substandard. People online consider this mistake a waste of their time.

SmarTours reviews  also find that customers were being roughly and quickly treated. It’s is like going to an airport and being manhandled for speediest task completion other than focusing on quality. On the other hand, their travel guides were praised for their knowledge and their helpfulness. It was they especially who received the best SmarTours reviews.

The SmarTours Website

SmarTours website ReviewsIt can be said that their website has some wonderful images which are creatively shot. The pictures are just the right size and the realistic look makes it, overall, look compact, dynamic and engaging and interesting.

You can learn more about their services. Click on their Tours and their choice of Cruises. Their About Us and Learn More pages are also to be found at the bottom. Information is a little sparse but you won’t run out of things to see on their page. Each click leads you deeper into a full understanding of what they are about and what they have to offer.

Their loyalty customers are called SmarTravelers. Once you are a member of this program, you will be entitled to a number of benefits such as priority positions in the waiting list and priority phone service, hotel perks and exclusive access to the news as seen from their mailing list. To apply to be a SmarTraveler, kindly fill up the necessary information in this link.You can contact SmarTours using this link. For more information, offers and updates about SmartTours, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Toll Free: 800.337.7773; Tel: 212.297.0955
  • Fax Number: 212.297.0965
  • Head Office Address: 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1402, New York, NY 10017

Parting Words

SmarTours image banner ReviewsThis website may or may not give you the lowest deals but their ideals, history, achievements and SmarTours Reviews all point to their stellar reputation within the industry. They had focused on giving good customer support but they can curb their behaviour by making sure that other do too. They, after all, represent a number of other services.

If you have anything to add to this SmarTours Review, tell us here.


Ultimate Air Shuttle Reviews

Ultimate Air Shuttle Reviews

Ultimate Air Shuttle logo ReviewsUltimate Air Shuttle reviews give us a glimpse into the airline’s true processes. They are known for their efficiency, as seen from these Ultimate Air Shuttle reviews.

A pain-free check in is what passengers dream of and it can certainly be said that it really helps if everything goes well starting with the airport. A better service could all stem from the flight proper, originating from boarding to landing.

Its Origins and Ownership

Ultimate Air Shuttle CEO Reviews
Ultimate Air Shuttle CEO Candace McGraw

The Ultimate Air Shuttle is an American Air Shuttle based in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. They offer public charter flights and they were founded in 2009. They commenced operations in July 2009. They started out serving air flight service from Cincinnati to New York City. Since then, they had expanded their services to include Chicago, Charlotte and Cleveland.

They have as their main hubs Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. With a fleet of 9, they fly to 9 destinations.

Some of the airline’s features are “no baggage fees, no cancellation fees, and the ability to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before scheduled departures.” Its CEO is Candace McGraw.

A Preview According to its Customers

Most Ultimate Air Shuttle reviews that are positive say that the check in procedures were efficient. The people on board, the staff and pilot included, were described as being really friendly. Amenities were satisfactory with a bottle of water at each seat of the airplane. Other food were complimentary Ultimate Air Shuttle office Reviewsand evening flights offered fruit, cheese and meat trays to their passengers.

Their end’s treatment of the passengers was incredible, especially during fuss-free boarding. Genevieve M. says that “This is high end service – better than first class on a commercial airline could ever be, and for a fraction of the price.” She was indicating the convenience seen on her Ultimate Air Shuttle reviews, as the quick check in process was a time saver and an effort buster.

Their Website

I think that they website is pretty efficient and nice to look at. With a colour combination of grey and green, it remains relaxing and calming to the eye. This is a great, muted appearance that would make it popular to most people.

Strips of images showing different images of destinations, usually of their skylines, are to be seen in the middle portions, with their attendant prices superimposed on them.

You can see about their promotions and some testimonials from their customers on their home page. From here, you can also book and track your flight. Their various destinations are shown under the Destinations tab.

Overall, their site is clean and well-organised. It is mostly interactive but it also provides adequate information necessary for people online to be satisfied when they visit the site.Visit their Contact page here for more information. Meanwhile, here is a link to their FAQs page. For more information, offers and updates about Ultimate Air Shuttle, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1 (800) 437-3931; (513) 437-3931
  • Fax Number: (330) 497-3644
  • Head Office Address: 4700 Airport Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Concluding Words

Ultimate Air Shuttle airplane ReviewsI believe that this airline is a wonderful one. Their site is as efficient as the rest of them. Noteworthy was their amiable treatment of their passengers. Other things worthy of mention and praise are actually everything else. It seems that they get all the important aspects of their service right.

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Los Angeles International Airport LAX Reviews

Los Angeles International Airport LAX Reviews

In the sunny crook of California, United States resides the majestic Los Angeles International Airport. It is the largest in the state and the third largest in the country overall. The city, largely known as L.A., is famed the world over for its pedantic freedom, perfectly sandy beaches and artistic pulsations.

Los Angeles’ name has Spanish origins and means in plural form, “angels.” It is perfect to know this when you fly using their airport. The closer you are to the skies, the more you feel like you are truly soaring.

The experience is made all the more meaningful because of the value we attach to their brand. Having the word LAX as its attendant suffix is a curiosity and it makes the airport more professional-sounding and literally, relaxing.

Reviews: What People Are Saying?

Some Los Angeles International Airport LAX Reviews concerned their rather disparate bathroom and restroom services. This person was frustrated with their dated conditions. On the other end, praises were for their efficient check in procedures and overall service. It’s best described as being really zippy, taking minutes or an hour for you to be waiting in the airport seating area. Navigating it is thus very easy and to add to this pleasant experience is the friendliness of every staff member.

Los Angeles International Airport LAX overview ReviewsAesthetics

Airport property has almost 50 hotels and motels and the Tom Bradley terminal has a free phone service. Some terminals, on the other hand, accommodate the free shuttle services from these hotels and motels on their front isles: the ones marked in red.

No help desks are to be found, which isn’t that bad. Instead, there are patrolling men in uniform who are there around the vicinity to aid and help passengers with pertinent information about any of their concerns. Their bathrooms on the other hand, are clean and readily spotted inside at the ends of the airport’s interior. The Delta Sky Club lounge offers showers to its members and to those who purchase a day-pass.

Once you enter the airport you can see a number of snack bars. Other popular stations are fast food restaurants and coffee shops like McDonald’s and Starbucks. At the southern edge of the vicinity are delicious fares from sports bars and a Ruby’s hamburger eatery. Other than eat, those who ‘d want to shop can do so at the airport’s duty free store.

Los Angeles International Airport LAX duty free ReviewsThe airport’s WiFi service through T-Mobile HotSpot service has an hourly fee of $6.00 for the first hour and 10 cents per minute thereafter or $9.99 for an all day pass that you can use at any T-mobile HotSpot enabled area.

Overall, the airport had been evolving and becoming increasingly modern. It now has sky-high glass ceilings contrasting with its relatively unchanged classic exteriors and gates. Insides are beautiful looking.


The airport itself is situated  fifteen miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles, in the southern regions of California. You can reach it by using the State Hwy 1, and Interstate Hwys. 405 & 105.

Some landmarks going to Los Angeles International Airport are Disneyland, Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center.

Location – Traffic – Service

As their name suggests, Los Angeles International Airport LAX is a truly international airport. It serves as a major hub for intercontinental traffic. The Los Angeles International Airport LAX map layout Reviewsmajor airlines that use it as their primary hub are American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines and Virgin America. It approximately has 1,578 flights arrivals and exits in each 24 hours.
It consists of four runways accommodating the 69 million passengers who traverse the airport every year. It earns 60 billion dollars in a year. Non stop destinations are to 67 cities in 34 countries.



Los Angeles Airport has a special terminal to lessen the interaction of famous and wealthy people with the general public.This service is in development and will significantly lessen the amount of time in boarding for the “rich and famous.” It will be built and operated by Gavin de Becker & Associates.

This 2015, the Los Angeles International Airport’s Star Alliance Lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) bested the other Alliance Lounges in a vote by Skytrax.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: LAX
  • Phone number: (310) 646 5252
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Any other contact info you might find: Fax 9207
  • Address: 1 World Way , Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States


Aside from a glittering facade, with a classic exterior belying modern interiors, Los Angeles International Airport is a steady operator in the perfect setting of sparkling California. Conveniently situated in the heart of the city, it is wide-reaching and efficient. The calm and collected-ness to be experienced in any of their dining destinations or lounges amp up your trip. The airport delivers its services seamlessly and the easy transitions were also noteworthy.

I personally think encountering their name alone will make for a unique experience. Los Angeles International Airport LAX reviews fully flesh out whatever outline we have about them, their name, and where they are and where they are going.

AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks logo ReviewsTrekking the skies is a wonderful idea behind the name AirTreks. In these AirTreks reviews, we shall look further into the company that offers its customers cheap airfare using a unique system and technology.

With the airs beneath their radar, they promise to scour the expanses to detect the perfect deals for their clients. Their ideals and promises lead us to their inner advocacies in the industry and showcase their distinctive branding.

What More About AirTreks?

Airtreks is a global leader in low and efficient airfare using their special technology. Their system allows one to choose even more than one destination and then displays the final price estimate. They are accredited by IATA.

They stress that their strategy and technology are what enable them to come up with the results which cannot be seen from other means such as another agency or a website. Their personal travel experts know the ins and outs of the industry, offering you capable service to get the air tickets, routes and airlines you plan for.

AirTreks CEO Reviews
AirTreks CEO Sean Keener

At the very bottom of their web page is this: “ is a registered trademark of AirTreks International, LLC.

AirTreks International, LLC is owned and operated by Bootsnall Travel Network, LLC a Washington Corporation.”

Since Sean Keener is the CEO of Bootsnall, he is also the CEO of AirTreks since the two companies had merged in December 2013. He was born in 1973 and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a degree in General Studies from the Northern Illinois University.

Other People’s Comments

Many people online would vouch that this service, in their AirTreks reviews, is reliable and makes for a smooth planning experience. Their staff were described as being “knowledgeable” and accommodating who were also flexible enough to adjust and use their customers’ needs and translate this into a working model. Their protective policy of having no additional fees when you change a booking fares well in their favour. Some AirTreks reviews extol this virtue of the company.

On the negative side of AirTreks reviews, they, curiously enough, do not divulge the details of some one reviewer’s trip. He found this odd and an”awkward” practice.

AirTreks website ReviewsTrekking Through their Website

Their website doesn’t really offer much new information. However, I feel that it is an efficient way to create a website, it is simple and has the right amount of colour to it, this time being a vivid, lively red and black superimposed with attractive white text.

The actual content may be a source of confusion to its viewers though. All throughout the website, they are shown in varying sizes and hues, and this hasn’t been deliberated in the way that it would serve a purpose. These lines of text are very informative though and are engaging. A significant portion of the site is filled with a lot of blocks of text which one can look into to be more informed about what AirTreks promises or what people have to say about it in AirTreks reviews.

Their blog is as fine and polished in quality as the rest of the site. Articles are fairly regular appearing and all of them hold interest to the reader. Meanwhile, here is a link to their FAQs page.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-877-AIR-TREKS (1-877-247-8735)
  • Fax Number: +1-415-977-7150
  • Head Office Address: 7 Spring St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

Concluding Words

I believe that this service is a wonderful one with average AirTreks reviews. The positive AirTreks reviews convince us that some aspects of their service such as excellent customer care and professionalism are good reasons why we should try them. Their attention to detail and good design are other reasons.

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