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Philippine Airlines Review

Philippine Airlines Review
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Philippine Airlines Review

Philippine Airlines logo Review

Flying, in essence, is mainly done for the experience. It depends on whatever goal you have. Considering this, we see in this Philippine Airlines review that there are several ways to experience a preferred airline.

It has been said that fliers mainly do it for fun. It has generally positive connotations to it that benefit the traveller. Most people enjoy what they do, especially when they fly. The good things that we feel when we are airborne or travelling are proof of this. This Philippine Airlines review looks at the fun that the Philippines’ flag carrier shares with its fliers.

Its Beginnings

The Philippine Airlines, also known as Philippine Air Lines, is the national carrier of the Philippines. It was founded on February 26, 1941 and is the first and oldest commercial Asian airline still operating with its original name.

Its Chairman and CEO is Chinese-Filipino businessman Lucio C. Tan. Tan was born on July 17, 1934 in Xiamen, China. He has been PAL’s CEO since January 1995. In 2000, he was named “Outstanding Manilan.” Lucio Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Far Eastern University in 1960. Since then, he had been honoured with a string of achievement awards and honorary doctorates here and abroad.

Philippine Airlines CEO Review

The main hubs of Philippines Airlines are the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Mactan-Cebu International Airport. In this Philippine Airlines review, we see that the airline ranked 90th top airline by passengers in the 2013 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Various Comments about the Airline

Philippine Airlines has been getting great feedback from most customers. They usually say that the crew were friendly and the food satisfactory. You can rely on their staff to pay good attention to you while you’re on board.

Also, they comment that the flight appeared to be fast. No delays in check in and departure and quick checkouts and baggage claiming often were the case. Another common compliment regarded their great seating and fair entertainment. According to this Philippine Airlines review, passenger seats were comfortable and you’d have all the flight’s amenities offered to you in high quality. For the price, they feel that they had a wonderful choice of airline.

Philippine Airlines Airport Review

Official Website

The Philippine Airlines’ official website is one of the best that you can visit when airline sites are concerned. It is notable that their team arranged their content in a different way. The images are attractive and the overall layout appears simple and straightforward. As the airline’s website, it communicates their own business in travel effectively.

You can book and manage your flights online as well as check in from the web. You can also check your actual flight status from their site. Options to book a hotel and package are here. At the bottom of their home page are some articles about travel destinations and deals and more information about their offering, Mabuhay Miles.

Mabuhay Miles is their rewards program with these tiers: Base, Elite, Premier Elite and Million Miler. Accrue Flight Miles and avail of special awards or simply buy these points with Mabuhay Top Up Miles.

The data can be sparse but that is not really important. They feature the most significant updates or alerts online and stick to their design. You can view hot deals, Pal Holidays and combination packages from their site. Here is their link to their FAQ section.

Philippine Airlines site Review

Again, they are selective with the text and images. They appear, from their website alone, to be highly professional and come across as sincere in their customer service ideals.

Most people who had already flown with Philippine Airlines loved the experience. Considering that it is a budget airline, the value for money was extremely good. It possessed a likable staff onboard. The food choices of pork, chicken, beef sandwiches and cake were one of the main points of the Philippine Airlines that its passengers enjoyed.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +632 777 48 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +632 818 49 21
  • Head Office Address: PNB Financial Center, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal CCP Complex, Pasay City, Philippines

In Conclusion

This Philippine Airlines review saw that the airline really showcases the culture and famed Filipino hospitality of its home nation. Based on its website, people online are impressed with the professionalism that it brings forward.

This airline is recommended if you are looking for a budget carrier that provides excellent services from arrival to departure. Most positive reviews about it are enough to convince you to make the right choice and choose Philippine Airlines. You’ll want to keep using it in the future.

Philippine Airlines planes Review

Would you choose the Philippine Airlines?


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