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RatesToGo Reviews

RatesToGo Reviews
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RatesToGo Reviews

No matter where a travel service comes from, people would want it to perform and give them what they want. Customers want low rates that best other websites and the rest of the business features that come along with it. RatesToGo reviews see the best and worst of the travel service and make us form opinions before actually using it.

Where it Started

RatesToGo CEO Reviews

RatesToGo CEO Nicolas Chu

RatesToGo is a hotel reservation service that is in contact with more than 74,000 hotels all over the world and offers sales from 15,000 hotels daily. It was launched in 2002 and is operated by HotelClub Pty Ltd. which is a brand of Orbitz Worldwide Inc. The company aims to provide the best rates through arrangements made with their providers.

Its CEO is Sydney-based Nicolas Chu who had previously served as of the company’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. He is the author of “How to Succeed in a Website Project” and has an  MBA from AGSM – Australian School of Business , a Master’s in Computer Science Applied to Business Management from Denis Diderot University and a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in History from Sorbonne University (Paris).

What are People Saying?

Worst case scenario with RatesToGo is when customers submit a reservation, do not get  a confirmation, but have the amount debited from their account. Most people find contacting a company to be costly in time, and RatesToGo reviews are no different. They say that their prices “seem too good to be true,” but then, after experiencing their services, they are “unreliable.” Their system will need to answer for these occurrences when they do happen, people want to know the real deal.

RatesToGo site

Observing their official website, you’ll see that it’s no-nonsense, albeit a little bland. It has a clean design and is selective with content. This can be said of most sites but is especially the case with theirs,

To the right of the search feature is a section with tabs of different world cities, from here you can search for hotels. They show the top destinations and a list of last minute hotel deals.

All the images, including the photographs of hotels and destinations border on being nondescript that users tend to focus instead on the content. They did a great job pointing us to information, if this was their intention. If not, they must be a site that offers us great deals such as coupon discounts and no RatesToGo booking or cancellation fees (applicable to participating hotels).

Contact information

For further details about Ratestogo, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +61 (02) 8263 5111
  • Fax Number:  +61 (02) 9264 0429
  • Head Office Address: Level 28, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

RatesToGo code ReviewsIn Conclusion

RatesToGo reviews border on the negative. Reviewers state their experiences with the service and say that others are better off doing business elsewhere. It doesn’t help that they are discouraging to actually contact. It’s best that these problems are fixed so that they never happen again.

Do you feel the same way about this RatesToGo review? Share your opinions here.


RatesToGo Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Mike Andrews says:

    Their site is a little boring and I wouldn’t want to try their service if they’ve got those system glitches.

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