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Republic Airlines Reviews

Republic Airlines Reviews
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Republic Airlines Reviews

Republic Airlines logo ReviewsThe kind of background we see from Republic Airlines reviews and from discovering more about their CEO’s stance on business make for an interesting discovery about American regional Republic Airlines.

The grip they have on their systems reflects on the quality which they project seen by their employees, which we shall know more about from Republic Airlines reviews.

Overview of their Origins

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Republic Airlines is a regional airline under Republic Airways Holdings founded in 1998. The airline flies as American Eagle and United Express. As of their most recent count, this 2015, they have 151 aircraft from their fleet. As United Express, they are a member of Star Alliance.

Republic Airlines CEO Reviews

Republic Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford

Its CEO is Bryan Bedford. A deeply religion-oriented individual whose airline’s vision statement states “every employee, regardless of personal beliefs or world view, has been created in the image and likeness of God,” he held his position since July 1999. He’s a pilot, a certified public accountant and a graduate of accounting and finance from Florida State University

What are the People Saying?

According to employee  accoutns, from which we will base our Republic Airlines reviews, the airline is great to work with, with good staff, an amazing team. People generally loved their own positions with them, they got to learn a lot from intermingling with the passengers or their colleagues. Eventually, you’ll learn even more about the industry given the tools experience with them gives.

The benefits of working with them, such as free trips, were also highly favoured. One flight attendant claims that the airline provides excellent service not only to them but to their customers as well. The creativity, freedom, variety and spontaneity of being with the company were some things that Republic Airlines reviews pointed out as other advantages to their well-being.

A Brief Glance at their Website

Their website at is pretty simple, the images can best be described as bold. The middle portion which contains the moving pictures has above it, the links to other airlines partners such as American Airlines, Delta and United.

The righthand column, in turn, has some links towards employment opportunities with them. Children traveling alone and people with pets are what the airline consider as special passengers and they have their own policies and procedures. For information about traveling children, view this while for those traveling with pets, view this link.

Information on their page can be technical, but you’ll find what you need about their airline quickly, mostly on their Flying with Us tab. The simple interface helps for easy browsing and the good-looking design appears clean.

For more information, offers and updates about Republic Airlines, kindly refer to their Twitter account here. This page especially is for people to find positions within their company. If you want to receive email alerts, go to this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 317 484 60 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 317 484 45 77
  • Head Office Address: 8909 Purdue Road, Suite 300, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46268, USA

Great to Fly With

Republic Airlines airplane ReviewsIt would be great to have more Republic Airlines reviews, this time from actual passengers. We see that they are wonderful to be with, considering that they provide great service to their employees and customers. The airline has a proven track record of making people happy and it looks like they’re on their way to really own up to their name.

If you have anything to add to this Republic Airline review, feel free to leave a comment below.


Republic Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Connor says:

    isn’t Republic Airlines a major airline? If they are then this review pretty much killed it, they sound amazing,

  2. Katie Jo. says:

    Sounds FANTASTIC! I really love this airline and thanks for this WONDERFUL review. cant; agree with you more.

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