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Ruby Star Airways Reviews

Ruby Star Airways Reviews
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Ruby Star Airways Reviews

An airline’s youth need not desert it from the industry. Instead, what they usually feel are frustration and tinted success, with their business usually being rather lucky and incredibly risky. In the long run, a company will create a name for itself through positive Ruby Star Airways reviews that make them look good and drive traffic towards eventually using them.

At First Sight

Ruby Star Airways plane ReviewsRuby Star Airways is an airline based in Minsk, Belarus. It’s been duly licensed since July 2002. It specialises on delivering cargo to “hotspot” destinations all over the world and it transports passengers. The airline’s fleet size is 4 and possesses two Ilyushin Il-76’s and two Antonov An-12BP’s. Mikholai Evgeniy is its Director General. 

Their website makes one for good things to try out. Ruby Star Airways reviews are hard to come by, you’ll need to be specific when you’re searching for Ruby Star Airways review. We can base from their website, that they have a sense of humour and may prove accommodating should you contact them.

You can create your own Ruby Star Airways reviews that they are a cheerful team who enjoy serving people, the most we can do is speculate as we have little to work on. Opinions are similar to any of those Ruby Star Airways reviews and ours will  suffice as a well-informed account of an airline based on its official website — as good as any considering this is how it presents itself.

Their Website

Ruby Star Airways website ReviewsThe best way to describe the Ruby Airline website is “cutesy,” a little informal and not too overtly friendly but simply engaging enough to capture anyone’s attention. It’s immensely colourful and actually quirky, showing an image of one of their planes amidst clouds as a backdrop. Their reputation as  cargo carrier extends to their leniency when it comes to baggage and baggage procedures and exemptions or regulations.  

Information here is on the scarce side and since websites are a a bit fun-oriented, you can tell that their flight attendants may be competent however serious. Based on these Ruby Stars Airways review, we can be impressed by their joviality and their attention to the varied nuances and needs of their clients. Their crew are beautiful and really helped in bringing customer to airplane together.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  + 375 (17) 279-17-05, 279-20-50
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +375 17 279-17-05
  • Head Office Address: National Airport Minsk, Minsk, BY-220054

uby Star Airways Minsk Belarus ReviewsIn Conclusion

The airline is a fair one based on our own Ruby Star Airways reviews. We have to draw a line as to how good they actually are, which we do not know for certain. They seem to be a well-functioning group and made only the more mysterious by lack of any Ruby Star Airways reviews. If we create one now, we say that they are average and have room for improvement.

What else do you have to say about Ruby Star Airways? Share your opinions here.


Ruby Star Airways Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Lena R. says:

    I liked their fun website! It was really great and amazing, I had a great experience browsing through their pages and learning more about them through this review and my own research.

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