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Saudi Arabian Airlines Review

Saudi Arabian Airlines Review
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Saudi Arabian Airlines Review

Saudi Arabian Airlines plane Review

Flight is one of the most wondrous things that man has attempted. Each time they try it, they never fail to be amazed by it no matter how long their flight hours are. It is a dream for some to experience the “miracle of flight.” Its appeal remains one of the most desirable that we can attain.

This Saudi Arabian Airlines review looks at the national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We’ll get to look at how a country with a rich heritage can translate luxury into an already amazing notion of flight.

Its Origins and Ownership

Saudi Arabian Airlines was founded in 1945. It is the flag carrier and national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The following airports in Saudi Arabia are its main hubs: King Abdulaziz International Airport, King Khalid International Airport, King Fahd International Airport and Prince Mohammad Airport.

Its Director General is Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser. He took over the reins of this position in 2014. He has a BSc in Civil Engineering from King Saud University, a BSc  in Industrial Engineering from King Abdulaziz University and a Master’s in Business Administration from King Saud University.

The CEO of Saudi Arabian Airlines is Abdul Mohsen Junaid who was appointed by the Director General. Junaid was educated in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Spain and the United States of America in business administration, electronics and aviation or aircraft.

Saudi Arabian Airlines CEO Review

Abdul Mohsen Junaid, CEO of Saudi Arabian Airlines, was appointed by Director General Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser

Currently, the airline has a fleet size of 146 and flies to 126 destinations all over the world. Saudi Arabian Airlines won the Arabian Business Achievement Award of 2013. This recognised its singular, excellent performance as a Middle-eastern airline.

What People are Saying

According to this Saudi Arabian Airlines review, people particularly enjoyed the ground services such as the lounges and their leniency with baggage. The aircraft itself was noticeably well-kept. There were mixed feelings about the seating. At times, passengers found them rather uncomfortable but they had a lot of legroom. Others would say that the seats were “excellent.”

Their staff paid attention to the fliers’ needs. Overall, people felt positively about the airline. They loved the food and small items, knickknacks and souvenirs which the crew generously handed out. The snacks were regular and filling. The other amenities were highly welcomed. As expected, this Saudi Airlines review sees that the quality of the airline flight fulfills expectations.

Saudi Arabian Airlines food Review

Its Official Website

Entering their official website is a surprising luxurious experience. It has a beautiful design which showcases various sights and wonders of the airline’s home country.

You can book your trip, manage your bookings and check in online from their homepage. You can also check your Flight Info. Refunding your ticket can be arranged; this will depend on how you purchased your ticket. For further information about ticket changes, click on this link.

They have an in-flight magazine Ahlan Wasahlan which means “Hello and Welcome” in Arabic. You can shop using SkySales while onboard. The airline also has sales call centres, customer relations and technical support.

Allfursan is Saudi Arabian Airlines’ rewards program. Membership gives you numerous flying perks such as priority baggage and wait-listing, exclusive lounge access, free tickets and upgrades. Its tiers — Blue, Silver and Gold — have increasing benefits as you ascend in that order.

Flying with them is either First Class, Business Class or Guest Class. Their entertainment consists of 24-40 television channels. First Class and Business Class passengers have 50 audio CDs to choose from. Classes also have video games for their leisure while children are given activity kits to spend their time on. The Guest Class has a pride of 34-inch seat pitches, more than other airlines’ Economy Classes.

Saudi Arabian Airlines seat Review

Their inflight dining is provided by Saudia Catering. Fliers get to taste five-star quality cuisine mingled with food technology and safety. First Class fliers’ meals are served on fine china. The Business Class will also consist of some traditional Arabic delicacies such as Arabic coffee, dates and fruit juices.

Their website covers practically every travel-related topic you can think of. It has data about where they fly to special travel needs. In this Saudi Arabian Airlines review, we see that their website has a great, formal appearance that manages to be highly informative. It is one of the most comprehensive and striking airline websites you can encounter and this reflects well on what kind of high-class luxury they promise.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +966 2 686 0000
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +966 2 686 2006
  • Head Office Address: PO Box 620, CC 181, LOC 130, Jeddah, 21231, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabian Airlines logo Review

This Saudi Arabian Airlines review discovered the commitment of their airline to sharing privileges to their passengers. Their crew are well-trained and the food and entertainment make you feel that you are flying high no matter what class you are in.

As we see in this Saudi Arabian Airlines review, if you consider quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, you’ll be reeled in by the generosity and professionalism that their airline incorporates into doing their business.

What do you think of flying with Saudi Arabian Airlines?


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