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Scoot Airlines Reviews

Scoot Airlines Reviews
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Scoot Airlines Reviews

Would you scoot over with Scoot Airlines after reading these Scoot Airlines reviews? From their beginning as a budget-friendly airline from Singapore they had since then established themselves through their official website. All seems great and when you actually check out their Scoot Airlines reviews online, your initial opinion with them will only be reinforced.

How it Started

Scoot Airlines CEO Reviews

Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot Airlines

Scoot Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Singapore. It was founded on November 1, 2011 and commenced operations on June 4, 2012. Its main hub is located at the Singapore Changi Airport. It has a fleet size of 9 flying to 15 destinations. “Let’s Get Outta Here!” is its company slogan which seems to glaze them with an adventurous streak fortified with a sunny outlook. We’ll see more of these based on their website’s appearance.

Campbell Wilson, a founding member of the airline, serves as its current CEO. He was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1971. He possesses a Master of Commerce in Business Administration from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He had unveiled Scoot Airlines on the 1st of November 2011 to the public.

People’s Comments

Loke Foo from Singapore was pleasantly surprised with the spaciousness the leg room offered. He compared it to a more expensive airline and likewise enjoyed his serving of beef casserole. The cabin itself and the food remain qualitatively competitive.

Scoot Airlines reviews border on a middling average rating on sites. Their airplane seats in particular attracted positive attention from passengers. These people also praised the cabin crew who were very attentive and were often described as being task-oriented. Overall, those who gave it high Scoot Airlines reviews say that flying with them was a good experience.

Scoot Airlines site ReviewsThe Website

The first thing you’ll notice about their official website would be its colour, it’s in bright yellow, black and grey. This blends well with their informal brand image and is also nice to look at. Each of their images are really fresh making browsing their website a fun experience.

You can check in online and plan your trip. They also feature deals on flights from Singapore. The ChangeYourFlight plan allows you to request a voucher if you do not wish to continue your flight.

Their Premium Selections are meals to be pre-ordered which also means you get served first. It’s a deluxe meal with 2 side dishes and a drink. Examples are deep fried fish in sweet soya sauce with rice and Singapore chicken curry rice. Lighter desserts are carrot cake with dimsum. Their hot and light meals come with a Toblerone and beverages. Light meals range from bread croissants, salads to summery wraps.

Standard seats in Economy average 31″ seat in  pitch and 18″ in width. Their ScootinSilence zone onboard has either Super or Stretch chairs for wider legroom. It’s a special area closer to the exit for speedier disembarking from the plane and a quieter, roomier atmosphere. Meanwhile, you can access their ScooTV on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.If Wifi is what you prefer, here is a link with directions for you.

Contact information

For further details about Scoot Airlines, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +65 6506 8823
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Singapore, 819825, Singapore

Scoot Airlines plane ReviewsConclusion

Scoot Airlines reviews are on the positive side. Their website is a wonderful introduction to the airline itself. If you want to be satisfied on a low cost, use Scoot Air and you’ll find yourself agreeing to these Scoot Airlines reviews too. Do you feel the same way about this Scoot Airlines review? Tell us what you think about the airline by sharing your comments below.


Scoot Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Jerry Wiggins says:

    I really liked their site, and I fully support this airline the way this review does. So cool!

  2. Sue R.88 says:

    Interesting point about their legrroom, hard-pressed to find that anywhere else with little effort. Overall, I find this and Flightswatcher immensely informative. 🙂

  3. P.Mulroney says:

    I like the airline and the website. This article is perfect intro. to Scoot Airlines. I might try them out soon,

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