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SeatExpert Reviews

SeatExpert Reviews
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SeatExpert Reviews

Imagine being able to discover new things about airplane seating. A few privileged travellers can take into account the various nuances and tips about them that only insiders, agents or experts can provide.

SeatExpert is good news to passengers who are eager to get out of an uncomfortable plane experience by arranging and smartly planning their trip before booking. These SeatExpert reviews will look at SeatExpert’s official website and general business.

More about the Service

SeatExpert was founded in 2002 by father and son Huey Lee and Alex, prompted by Lee’s dissatisfaction with finding an accurate and comprehensive resource for airplane seating information on the web.

SeatExpert plane map ReviewsBy 2008 SeatExpert became part of the Frequent Flyer Network of sites which is comprised of the most popular travel websites available. Now, SeatExpert contains more than 750 maps from more than 110 airlines.

They never let go of their business vision despite their foundling’s later success in the industry of travel information and its own fame: they intend on sharing data on the best seats on airplanes “without prejudice” and as detailed as they could possibly get.

Comments from People

We can expect that SeatExpert reviews are positive, based on their website. Yet we do not find much customers’ comments about the service. Is it any wonder why there are no  SeatExpert reviews when they are supposedly relatively successful or have they been eclipsed by similar websites which have their fair share of reviews?

You do not need to imagine the negative SeatExpert reviews as this is a different kind of service. Unlike other agencies that may mess up a reservation, SeatExpert is a travel information website where users can base their decisions after considering the material online. Perhaps the maps aren’t very accurate or the website itself is flawed; overall, a travel website of this nature is welcome and effective.

SeatExpert website ReviewsTheir site looks like a giant notepad and one is inspired to start looking for his desired map as there are little distractions. The colour scheme of muted blue and orange is attractive and calming while remaining professional at the same time. I can say that their website’s appearance is effective in communicating to its visitors some of the most vital information in a way that does not sacrifice quality or their goals.

In two columns is an alphabetical list of airlines and the models of their airplanes. Of course, you’ll need to know the type of aircraft you will be using. From here, you can apply their site’s system of classifying seats to your own preferences. has a live Community which you can enter to interchange ideas or partcipate in forums.

For questions answered, approach their Seat Expert and get immediate results via this link. Their Help page contains dense, highly informative and short explanations and tips regarding various airplane seating concerns.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (719) 597-8889
  • Fax Number: +1 719 598 6855
  • Head Office Address: 1930 Frequent Flyer Point, Colorado Springs, Co 80915

In a Nutshell

SeatExpert logo ReviewsSeatExpert’s website is easily navigable and relatively professional. They put the fun back into travel planning through their brilliant way of creating their maps or the effort they communicate to us. It’s a colourful start to your trip and you won’t be disappointed knowing that you had time to prepare and read through SeatExpert reviews.

If you have anything else to add to this SeatExpert review, feel free to leave a comment below.


SeatExpert Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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    I’m so THRILLED to have discovered this wonderful service, much like SeatGuru! I can’t WAIT to use this!!!

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