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SeatGuru Reviews

SeatGuru Reviews
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SeatGuru Reviews

SeatGuru reviews are so important because they reflect on the relative importance of its own site, Whenever you encounter any single SeatGuru review, you’re sure to be convinced of the strong effect that the travel tool has on the masses. Whatever it contains, these comments are made in light of customers’ experiences with SeatGuru, a site which in turn has benefited so many and pushed them to build its positive reputation.

Its Origins

Traveller Matthew Daimler founded SeatGuru in October 2001. He possesses a BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management from John Hopkins University. He began the award-winning company with a single colour-coded seat plan out of a need to share with others his findings about seat planning, smart flying and other pertinent discoveries about air travel, especially with plane seating, hence the name “SeatGuru.”

SeatGuru Founder Reviews

SeatGuru Founder Matthew Daimler

For your information, their plane seat colour code is as such: green for a “good seat”, red for a “poor seat” and yellow for a “be aware seat.” TripAdvisor purchased SeatGuru in March 2007. “With SeatGuru, you fly smarter.”

SeatGuru colour code site Reviews

SeatGuru is one of Forbes Top 12 Travel Sites and is also one of the Top 100 Travel Websites of Times Online.

The Guru According to Others

SeatGuru reviews reflect just how people online see the website. It has a 100% rating, and in other sites, it gets a similarly high score: most people give it a perfect grade in fact. It’s a “sensible” way to do travel and fliers consult it whenever they can to prepare for their flights.

One issue with it, according to Matt B, is “it can be tricky sometime to figure out which version of a given aircraft type is being flown on a given route. And of course note that airlines do sometimes swap out equipment, so all your carefully laid plans may go awry.” The benefits overshadow such things, and SeatGuru remains a lucrative, information-laden tool for enhanced travel and highly recommended.

SeatGuru’s Website

Surely, without looking too much at other SeatGuru reviews, you’ll come to the conclusion that SeatGuru is such an original, handy and clever addition to the roster of travel-related information we have. It doesn’t simply show aircraft’s seats but also other airline data that one might find indispensable such as check-in, baggage, unaccompanied minors and travelling with infants and pets.

They have all the world’s major airlines included in their itinerary. With a blue backdrop and a youthful image of a plane in cross-section, they say that “your journey matters.” Their feature is Guru Advice which contains some articles about airport or airline guides and other interesting articles about travelling etiquette or related lists.

SeatGuru site Reviews

They also have Travel Trips in handy while you can search for comfortable seats of your choice online. They explain their G-factor algorithm, where such criteria such as legroom, entertainment and service are given a Love it, Like it or Live with it rating. This makes it simply straightforward to decide where to sit, if you do have that option.

Their SeatGuru app is available on your iPhone. This brings all 700+ coloured flight seat plans and 50,000+ reviews to your fingertips. On the go, and with TripAdvisor’s flight search added, there’s no better way to fly smart.

SeatGuru app Reviews

Contact information

For further details about SeatGuru, kindly refer to the following contact information.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 206-219-3687
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 2000 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington 98121

What to Say about It

SeatGuru logo Reviews

When you check on SeatGuru reviews online, you’ll be lead to a large number of positive feedback about the tool. It’s a highly original enterprise that is so indispensable in travel that there’s nothing to compare it with. It comes in handy every single time. It’s reassuring to know that such a service is available for free. People online can now look up all the trifling details about their plane seats and adequately make informed decisions about their flights.

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