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ShermansTravel Reviews

ShermansTravel Reviews
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ShermansTravel Reviews

Online travel dealers and advisors such as ShermansTravel in these ShermansTravel review should be harbingers of your own pending journey. It’s great when a site inspires you enough to enter your trip confidently and it’s even better if it makes you so thrilled to be wherever you are.

That’s when you thank them for their helping hand. When this happens, you know you made the right choice. Are these ShermansTravel reviews discussing it as a success story too? Let’s see in this ShermansTravel review.

Where ShermansTravel Came From

ShermansTravel is online media founded by James “Jim” Sherman in 2002. It provides travel deals on top of inspiration and vacation destination advice. Their popular e-newsletter called Sherman’s Top 25 reaches its 4 million subscribers every Wednesday. Their team of editors carefully selects the best travel deals from their extensive providers and creates travel information specials for their users.

sher ceo

CEO and President of ShermansTravel David Steward

On their site is another favourite, their Top 10 lists and more than 600 money-saving tips for various places. Their ShermansTravel’s current CEO and President is David Steward. He has held this position since November 2012. He wields a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Cornell University and a Master’s in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business.

How People See Sherman

It can be hard to trust too much on ShermansTravel reviews online, they mainly repeat one another. If you think this is a scam, you better base it on your own ShermansTravel review.

One problem with them is subscribing to their newsletter, apparently some people still receive it despite not signing up or they receive collection notices to charge a nonexistent subscription. This oft-repeated claim is a significant issue, these people feel that they are not being dealt with properly. Perhaps ShermansTravel could review this aspect of their business.

What people should consider is its actual credibility and reliability as a dealer and advisor. For in the latter two, ShermansTravel remains a fun way to be informed.

The Website

Based on these ShermansTravel reviews, even you would agree that their website appears highly formal and conducive to entertaining browsing. It has the right amount of images and is filled with enlivening advertisements. With all the movement contained in it, it makes for an interesting visit, especially if you are expecting to be satisfied. Let’s see if you will be in this ShermansTravel review.

ShermansTravel logo ReviewsTheir slogan is “Hand-Picked Deals. Expert Advice.” They’ve gotten so much rapport from their supporters and such a following that they’ve partnered with industry giants such as and had editorial licensing agreements with and

ShermansTravel site ReviewsThey don’t run out of “ideas,” have a lot of deals and themes or interests for trips to motivate you to travel. They show their deals by Hotel, Car, Cruise, Flight so you’ll have no problem getting where you want to go online. Their Compare Rates section at the middle of the homepage lets users compare services easily and quickly at one go.

Aside from having a strong social media presence, they also feature the experts behind the deals that you see so you can “meet the experts.”

For more information, offers and updates about ShermansTravel, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

For further details about ShermansTravel, kindly refer to the following contact information.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (212) 417-9100(Phone)
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (212) 417-9131
  • Head Office Address: 112 West 34th Street Suite 2110, New York, NY 10120 United States

In Conclusion

It is shown in this ShermansTravel review that the website is a great way to start your trip. If you’re thinking of having a lot of interesting factoids to support you or at least absorb you for the meantime, it remains a wonderful one to visit and look over.

They may have separate counts of subscription mishaps but these ShermansTravel reviews do not really distract from its own personal qualities.

What do you think of ShermansTravel? Are you willing to be one of the 4 million who loyally follow its newsletter? Tell us here.


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    Yikes, do they really send people spam letters?! Major warning alert, is it too much of a problem to fix all this? Anyhow, their site looks pretty normal so I’m just concerned.

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