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Singapore Changi Airport Reviews

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews
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Singapore Changi Airport Reviews

Changi Airport overview ReviewsWhat is Singapore known for? Aside from its expenses, its modern-looking infrastructure, that telltale merlion spouting the city-state’s culture in a single spew or the friendly and efficient people, Singapore is as much a mystery to us as the rest of Southeast Asia. It is, of course, opening its doors more and more each day, thanks to more people traveling in and out of this internationally natured airport in the eastern tip of the island at Changi, Singapore.

A glass and steel fairytale country brimming with promise. Singapore Changi Airport is a household name. If you are familiar with the top airports of the world, you would recognise this Singaporean titleholder and therefore eventually learn more about it and the area of Changi itself from Singapore Changi Airport reviews.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

As expected, people online absolutely loved the walk in the park feeling they get from staying within the airport proper. With a bevy of options available, some actually wish that they could prolong their situation, according to their Singapore Changi Airport reviews. The said amenities kept people entertained and fliers got a 5-star treatment, the score of which they also generously imparted in their Singapore Changi Airport reviews about the airport’s performance and service.

There’s a reason it is considered the “best airport” out there. The free services all around added colour to people’s experiences. I can say and so do the host of positive Singapore Changi Airport reviews, that the airport scored high on keeping people happy. They beautified the interiors and the carefully chosen locations in and out of the airport were what really sold to the visitors.

Checking in and airport procedures were considered highly and overall, the tidiness and efficiency Singaporeans are known for is seen in their airport, the best one in the world.


Changi Airport interior ReviewsIn terms of beauty, Singapore Changi Airport gets a perfect score on websites. The number and quality of help desks available is exemplary. You won’t run out of resources for information while you are inside as you can readily find a station that can assist you. Their staff are multilingual and are as accommodating as their fellow countrymen. The excellent easily-seen signages also help.

A lot of bathrooms are all around the terminals. They each have their own attendants and are well-kept and ready to use. You can also avail of dining from any array of restaurants, bars and cafes dotting the airport’s vicinities. Food is delicious in each of these. You can get fast food or fine ala carte servings from restaurants. It is like sinking your teeth, literally, into comfort before and which you can bring with you inside the plane.

It is surprising how much you can do while you’re in Singapore Changi Airport. You can do shopping, high-end or lower-end: with clothes and accessories shops, mini-marts, pharmacies and bookstores to keep you moving. If you prefer something else, the artistic airport has butterfly lounges, gardens and even a moviehouse. Since it’s equipped with free wifi, the beauty of your stay becomes even more pronounced.

Its bright and wide spaces make its appeal serene with a lot of artsy spots to spend some quiet time on and it’s packed with so much to do.


Changi Airport is located in Airport Boulevard, Singapore. Specifically, it is 17 kms northeast of the Changi region’s business district and centre and at the most east of the island at Changi. You can reach it from the city via MRT, buses, airport shuttle services and a variety of taxis. To see a list of the their prices, kindly click on this link.

Hotels near the 13-km area airport include Aerotel Singapore, The Haven and Changi Cove. You can use these or an extensive list of others like them for your visit or simply use them as landmarks singling out the airport by distance. The Old Airport Road Food Centre & Shopping Mall also tells you that you are nearby.

Location – Traffic – Service

Changi Airport terminal map ReviewsThey handle around 54 million passengers in a year. 6, 600 flights arrive and exit in a week on average. With more than 300 nonstop destinations, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok & Manila are their top routes. The airport is a stopover for flights originating from Europe to Australia.

Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, SilkAir, Scoot, Tigerair,Jetstar Asia Airways, AirAsia, Valuair and BOC Aviation use the airport as a base. Singapore Changi Airport itself has 2 runways. They earn, in a year,

News and Awards

In 2015, Changi Airport received Skytrax’s “World’s Best Airport for the third consecutive year. Singapore Changi Airport topped the Top Ten Airports of 2015 too. Overall, the airport has actually won over 500 significant awards since 1981, mostly Best Airport awards.

The airport is currently in the works for a terminal 4. Terminal 5 is also undergoing construction and awaits opening within the next few years.

Contact info:

    • Airport Code: SIN
    • Phone number: (65) 6595 6868
    • Website URL:
    • Email:
    • Address: PO Box 168 , Singapore, 918146, Singapore


Singapore Changi Airport reviews give a lot of credit to everything that we can know about this Asian powerhouse. They are so satisfying as to be really convincing and we are left in wonder at their excellent performance.

How do they do it? They reached their status by consummate artistry which trickles and breathes forth from all the art installations, leafy gardens and brilliant touches of technology and innovative business ideas that they henceforth incorporate into their company’s steadfast building.

Do you agree with this Singapore Changi Airport review? Share your opinion here.


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