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SmarTours Reviews

SmarTours Reviews
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SmarTours Reviews

SmarTours logo ReviewsSmarTours has the words smart and tours in it. This could mean that traveling with them is the right choice and we can understand from what SmarTours reviews we discover how much of a smart choice they really are.

SmarTours Reviews dig deep into this iconic travel website and give us more information about how they had been making their customers better deals than average.

Its Background

SmarTours is a travel agency company established in 1996. According to their website, their main aim is “to provide high quality, exciting group vacation tours to some of the most fascinating countries in the world at the lowest possible price.” Their packages are all-comprehensive: from low air fares, high-quality hotels, activities and sightseeing to customer support to guide you through the entire process.

SmarTours co-CEO Reviews

SmarTours co-CEO George Geronemus

Since their founding, they had since then successfully serviced 150,000 customers.  Some of the numerous awards it has received are “Best Provider of Vacation Package Deals to Europe or Asia”  at the 2012 Travelzoo Awards and “Best Priced Packages to South Africa”  at the 2010 Ubuntu Tourism Awards. Dave Rosner and George Geronemus are the company’s co-CEOs.

More Information From Its Customers

The negative SmarTours reviews pertain to disappointment over a service which the customer received from one of their reservations. Sometimes the advertised service, a cruise for instance. fails to impress being somewhat of a substandard. People online consider this mistake a waste of their time.

SmarTours reviews  also find that customers were being roughly and quickly treated. It’s is like going to an airport and being manhandled for speediest task completion other than focusing on quality. On the other hand, their travel guides were praised for their knowledge and their helpfulness. It was they especially who received the best SmarTours reviews.

The SmarTours Website

SmarTours website ReviewsIt can be said that their website has some wonderful images which are creatively shot. The pictures are just the right size and the realistic look makes it, overall, look compact, dynamic and engaging and interesting.

You can learn more about their services. Click on their Tours and their choice of Cruises. Their About Us and Learn More pages are also to be found at the bottom. Information is a little sparse but you won’t run out of things to see on their page. Each click leads you deeper into a full understanding of what they are about and what they have to offer.

Their loyalty customers are called SmarTravelers. Once you are a member of this program, you will be entitled to a number of benefits such as priority positions in the waiting list and priority phone service, hotel perks and exclusive access to the news as seen from their mailing list. To apply to be a SmarTraveler, kindly fill up the necessary information in this link.You can contact SmarTours using this link. For more information, offers and updates about SmartTours, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Toll Free: 800.337.7773; Tel: 212.297.0955
  • Fax Number: 212.297.0965
  • Head Office Address: 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1402, New York, NY 10017

Parting Words

SmarTours image banner ReviewsThis website may or may not give you the lowest deals but their ideals, history, achievements and SmarTours Reviews all point to their stellar reputation within the industry. They had focused on giving good customer support but they can curb their behaviour by making sure that other do too. They, after all, represent a number of other services.

If you have anything to add to this SmarTours Review, tell us here.


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  1. Ashlee says:

    Okay… so they’re good customer service and bad operation service. I suggest that they smarten up everything else, they’re potentially promising. They seem to be just like every other agency and they don’t stand out at all.

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