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Southwest Airlines Reviews

Southwest Airlines Reviews
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Southwest Airlines Reviews

Some airlines stand out for one particular positive feature that makes people want to keep using them. Southwest Airlines reviews discuss the airline’s strong points such as their services or their board, always mentioning the things that they noticed most about their flight experience.

Its Origins

Southwest Airlines Chairman CEO Reviews

Chairman and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Gary C. Kelly

Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost airline, from the United States of America. It was founded on March 16, 1957 and commenced operations on June 18, 1971.

As of December 2014, it has 46,000 employees. Gary C. Kelly, who first joined Southwest Airlines in 1986, is its Chairman and CEO. He was Executive Vice President for 3 years before being promoted to the CEO position in 2004. Born on March 12, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, he’s a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, he was recognised as one of the best CEOs of America.

What are People Saying

Southwest Airlines reviews give the airline a high rating. Their crew are described as being “professional” and people online like the free snacks and drinks that they got. Their customer service makes their passengers feel well taken care of, they always make a point to make them happy.

Jeff from the United States, says that “Southwest is one of the only airlines that still cares.” They say you’re in for a great trip if you appreciate their services and you bring your own entertainment.

Their Website

You may be surprised by their official website at, it’s blue and purple with their heart logo. It’s easy on the eyes and as professional as other websites. You can check in and check your flight status online.

Southwest Airlines entertainment ReviewsThey feature special offers on their homepage. For entertainment, they have free live TV and can pay for Wifi access on their personal electronic device. Internet access costs $8 a day while movies are $5 each, per device; there are more than 25 classic and contemporary films available.

Persons with disabilities such as those in wheelchairs are advised to surrender their wheelchair an hour before boarding so that they can be ushered in using the airport wheelchair. Other special passengers ought to arrive at the recommended arrival time so that they can be properly accommodated.

A link to their FAQs page is here. For more information, offers and updates about Southwest Airlines, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

For further details about Southwest Airlines, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 800 435 9792
  • Fax Number: +1 214 792 40 11
  • Head Office Address: P.O. Box 36647-1CR Dallas, Texas, 75235, USA

Southwest Airlines logo ReviewsIn a Nutshell

Southwest Airlines reviews usually mention a few things about their service. These are their friendly crew and their cleanliness. The former is one of their strengths and is what drives people to want to recommend the airline Would you recommend the airline after reading this Southwest Airlines review?


Southwest Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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