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Published on December 8th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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This online travel company is ordinary in the sense that it has its ups and downs. reviews reveal a lot to us readers the trials and travails of using

Their defining characteristics set them apart and are the object of scrutiny of reviews. Let’s look at some points about the travel website that also provide us with a broader outlook.

More on its Origins CEO Reviews

STA Travel’s CEO John Constable began when two young students came back from some time traveling in 1979, They wanted to share their knowledge and experience to people from all walks of life, thus was born as a product of their inspiration from their own travels: the people they met and the places they had been.

According to their website description, their current staff numbers 2,000 from 200 offices in 12 countries and they service 2 million customers. The company’s CEO since November 2012 has been John Constable.

What are People Saying?

People online behind reviews say that the company doesn;t seem to care about their customers and that they have poor customer service. The following expresses one reviewers disappointment at a site with potential: “It’s sad because booking our flights with you was straight-forward and the layout of your website is easy to use and attractive.”

The prices, according to other review were “inflated,” that they misrepresent their products Their system is a mystery to consumers and the latter simply give up and walk away as they do not understand the point of approaching them anymore when you can save yourself the hassle: time, effort and finances. website ReviewsI think that their website is fine as it is, however it looks more like a shopping site than anything and it doesn’t attract that much credibility. Add to that their strange brand name: and you can’t help but feel that you may be facing some problems or that this company isn’t legitimate.

It is best to get used to the site while you navigate so that you’ll find something that will make you think that they are worthy to try. I think that they are but their competence isn’t communicated through their website, the latter looking very fun and colourful.

They have a systematic way of displaying information, you will not get lost on their site. A lot of fascinating visual details abound, from bulletheads to the simple arrows to change an image. Also, the vivid hues make for a great spectacle.

Their travel blog is pretty interesting. It looks like your run-of-the-mill website but the content is really great and focuses on a specific adventure in a place. In this way, people online get a taste of traveling while viewing the articles. For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 0333 321 0099

Be Wise in Making Your Decisions store ReviewsSome reviews suggest that you are better off staying away from this company. They have horrible service including bad customer support who do not care about your problems with them. People online just feel disappointed with their experience as they had high hopes. They say, save yourself the trouble and get mutual understanding with another service.

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