Sunwing Reviews

Sunwing Reviews
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Sunwing Reviews

“ Business goes up and down but service stays forever.”  This quote actually applies to all businesses. You have to be driven, committed and knowledgeable but we can all agree that customer service is the heart of all businesses. A good experience will keep customers coming back, and that means profit. In the aviation industry excellent customer service is required.

One of the popular fast growing companies that is proud of their TLC (tender loving caring) employees is Sunwing. They not only worked their way past many of their rival travel search engine companies in the field of aeronautics but also managed to sustain the degree of success it has achieved over a period of time.

What’s In It For You?

The company goes to extreme measures to provide the best experience to their clients. They also know how to start a flight with a bang (In this case, it’s a good thing)! They are famous for the Award winning champagne service. They offer a complimentary welcome glass of sparkling wine, hot and fresh bistro meals, non alcoholic beverages, lunch and dinner with wine and complimentary in-flight audio/visual entertainment, including recently released movies and a hot towel service. They also find a way to keep your kids busy with a complimentary Sunwing backpack filled with activities to use on the flight! It has an activity book filled with puzzles and coloring projects as well as a beach ball to enjoy on your vacation.

A Plus Point

In terms of performance? They are proud of the Boeing 737-800 which is offers the best record for on-time departures and arrivals. Using the most fuel efficient planes means less impact on your wallet and in the environment. If you want travelling to be fun? Go with Sunwing!

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