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ThomasCook Reviews

ThomasCook Reviews
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ThomasCook Reviews

A look into Thomas Cook’s history from its evolution servicing train journeys to its present-day existence in the travel industry gives us sufficient leeway into its operations and other key elements of its brand and service.

How ThomasCook reviews portray the company are another thing that we can ponder on. They will give us heightened insight into the Thomas Cook-founded enterprise and give us a better understanding on top of what we already know.

How it Started

The whole concept of Thomas Cook began when its founder and namesake, Thomas Cook, first transported around 500 people to Loughborough on July 5, 1841 by train. That fateful day began with the thought “as to the practicability of employing the great powers of railways and locomotion.”

ThomasCook CEO Reviews

Peter Fankhauser, CEO of Thomas Cook

ThomasCook Founder Reviews

Thomas Cook, Founder

Because of his efforts, many people had their first taste of travelling. His business evolved, expanding destination-wise, establishing special newspaper Cook’s Exhibition Herald and Excursion Advertiser, and extending his introduction of circular tickets at a wider scope. His son John Mason Cook oversaw some aspects of his father’s business such as managing its paper or overseeing its international growth.

The Thomas Cook enterprise has a 23 million following. CEO since November 2014 Peter Fankhauser possess a doctoral degree from the University of St. Gallen.

What People are Saying

Let’s rely on our own ThomasCook reviews as there are few of them, good and bad,out there. Service-wise, what is there to say about them?

From their common website, we get a taste of the company’s old history which in the passage of time seemed to have been encapsulated with traditional design and an appearance more classic than anything. Customers, according to, rate the service at 92%, which is high, however some sites list a continuous outpouring of negativity about them. Talking to them can get difficult, and other people online claim that they appear to be unconcerned about their service and remain merely disinterested throughout, displaying “appalling,” disgruntling manhandling and poor customer support: not caring about their clients.

Its Official Website

ThomasCook website ReviewsThere’s nothing completely out of the ordinary about their website, yet its characteristic of being laden by a fair share of information tells us that aside from having a lot to see in it, it may happen to be reliable and regularly updated.

From its beginnings in the railway industry, their website now features offers for hotels, flights, cruises and flight+hotel. The rates on their site seem pretty affordable, they show featured deals under holiday headings in hopes that your next transaction and getaway be a click away. Another thing is when you sign up for FlexiBook, with it you can change your travel details — name, hotel, destination — up to 8 days before without any fees.

Their customer support is also available 7 days a week, you can chat with a travel advisor online or give them a quick ring at 01733 224 808. For more information, offers and updates about, kindly view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +44 844 335 7564
  • Head Office Address:  15 Coningsby Rd, Peterborough PE3 8SB, United Kingdom

In Conclusion

ThomasCook logo ReviewsTheir company began nobly enough and many people would be enamoured by their origins. However, ThomasCook reviews show that even based on their history accounts, we can detect what stifles people the most. They seem too focused on their technicalities and too little on people and customers.

It’s better if they improve on what they lack in as they’ve had a lot of time to develop and could only add more positive ThomasCook reviews to their list. This can be an easy turnaround for them and doable, if you have any more suggestions or comments about this Thomas Cook review, do share your opinions here.


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