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Tiger Airways Review

Tiger Airways Review
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Tiger Airways Review

According to research, what fliers and travellers value most in an airline is its cost-efficiency. This criterion topples the rest of the flight factors such as departure or arrival and customer service. The main point is whether or not you are getting the most value for your money when compared to other airlines, considering the quality of your flight.

Tiger Airways is a budget airline with a lot to offer and a lot it is known for. It has a great, proven track record of always being on time, scrupulously neat cabins and appetising food served by a dedicated crew. In this Tiger Airways review, let’s look further into their history, customers’ comments and the Tiger Airways’ official website to see if it is, as they say, a bang for your buck.

The Tiger’s Origins

Tiger Airways logo Review

Budget airline Tiger Airways was founded on December 12, 2003. It operates from bases in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, a main hub in Singapore Changi Airport with a head office at the Honeywell Building, Changi, Singapore. By December 2015, Tiger Airways plans to expand their fleet size to 68 aircraft.

The CEO and Executive Director of Tiger Airways is Lik Hsin Lee. He has been CEO of the company since May 12, 2014 and its Executive Director since July 31 2013. Mr. Lee, who has a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania, was Tiger Airway’s Non-Executive Director until May 12, 2014. He had served as Regional Vice President of North Asia and Senior Vice President of Corporate Planning at Singapore Airlines Ltd.

Tiger Airways CEO Review

Tiger Airways CEO and Executive Director Lik Hsin Lee

In this Tiger Airways review, we see that Tiger Airways has been under some heat regarding its recent financial losses and competition yet its CEO remains optimistic that with the right procedures, they can keep the airline afloat and that they are in a “better place.”

Tiger Airways, According to its Fliers

Their customer service has been commended as being similarly swift and efficient with a main emphasis on the punctuality of the flight departures and arrivals. The approach of their attendants and crew is kind and friendly and they get out of their way to help the passengers have a smooth flight. In fact, the entire experience can be described as being smooth from the check-in counters, their actual flight and until they land.

Tiger Airways service Review

Tiger Airways crew Review

A Tiger Airways review garners a 5 out of 10 rating in, with average scores for seat comfort, staff service and value for money. Comments echo the flight airline’s overall efficiency and relatively spacious, tidy interiors. Some even recommend Tiger Airways over rival flight carriers in matters of seat space and quality. Fliers had commented on their zippy check-in queues and boarding which is a relief for any airline. They had also expressed their interest in using Tiger Airways again in their future.

Their Website

Despite all the wonderful, satisfactory comments made by people online, their main website,, gives one the first impression that, unlike their exemplary service, it is unfinished and informal-looking.

One can book hotels, cars and flights on their site and pre-order great shopping finds. Their Holidays section, in particular, is a new addition, a list of Duty-free allowances is also to be seen. You can view recommended packages and other destinations here.

Tiger Airways deal Review

They pride themselves on their on-time performance, a rating of which is situated at the very top; at the bottom of the page, right next to the Tigerair is useful links with various FAQ topics. It also has Disability Access Facilitation Plan for serving persons with disabilities which includes information on baggage allowances, direct assistance and communication strategies.

Tiger Airways is situated at the Top 3 Airlines by Passenger Carriage (Singapore) during 2013’s Changi Airline Awards. During this event, the group was awarded the Top Airline by Growth in Cargo Carriage.

Its strong points, in this Tiger Airways review, really are its airfare costs and efficiency, making flying with them such a breeze.

Tiger Airways fliers share common experiences of the excellent customer service inflight and during boarding and the airline’s trademark punctuality. The Singaporean budget airline is great value for your money if you want your flight experience to be as efficient as possible. Time-wise, you won’t be disappointed; the quality meanwhile also does not suffer as we saw in this Tiger Airways review.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +65 6822 2300
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +65 6424 6355
  • Head Office Address: Changi Airport Post Office, PO Box 82, 918143, Singapore


Tiger Airways, depending on how you look at it, is nevertheless a great bang for your buck. It, with the ease of all their processes and their quick attention to detail, provides their passengers with a great start to their vacation. They’re never late to give their fliers what they want and they’re always ready to answer any concerns with the same professionalism one would expect from another airline.

This Tiger Airways review illuminates most of the budget airline’s strong points and other further information. Would you want your next getaway to be with Tiger Airways?


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