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TNT Airways Reviews

TNT Airways Reviews
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TNT Airways Reviews

The word TNT makes us think of something that makes a big impact. The explosion of details which learning more about an airline operates on the same level. We can get surprised with how certain airlines, with TNT Airways reviews, perform and whether they give credence to their name. Any airline that leaves a great first impression are successful, let’s see how TNT Airways is in this TNT Airways review.

Its Beginnings

TNT Airways plane ReviewsTNT Airways is a cargo airline that was established in Belgium, founded in 1999. Since 2004, it has also been a passenger airline. It exists as a subsidiary of TNT Express. With its hub at Liege Airport and headquarters and head office in Liege, Belgium, the airline consists of 36 aircraft. Danish Lars Jordahn is its current Managing Director, he was born in 1969. He has been with the airline since December 5, 2014.

Comments and Reviews

TNT Airways seems to concentrate, based on its website, on news. Searching for TNT Airways reviews will lead you to news about the airline. The TNT Airways reviews are harder to come by, but looking at their website is enough for us to come up with opinions about their service from the general impression which they give off.

They are exceedingly professional and their site doesn’t feel the need to be filled with trivial information. Many of their viewers may notice this too. An air of trustworthiness basically surrounds the company which is all the direct result of their website’s appearance, from which we gather our TNT Airways reviews.

Official Website

TNT Airways website ReviewsThe thing with their website is that it could be mistaken for any other site. The usually show press releases and fast news, later on they’ll show a link to their corporate website where you can see more news.

Their official website at seems more a repository of recruiting personnel more than anything. The bright orange scheme will eventually wake you up. Also, their site is easily navigable,going through it is a breeze, it’s well-organised and industry-specific. You’re bound to be impressed by the attention they pay to their content.

For more information, offers and updates about TNT Airways, kindly view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +32 4 239 3000
  • Contact Email:;
  • Fax Number: +32 4 239 3999
  • Head Office Address: Liège Airport, Rue de l’aéroport, Building 101, 4460 Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium

In Conclusion

TNT Airways logo ReviewsTNT Airways reviews are not too plenty, yet their website is a great introduction into their company culture. They’re very inviting recruitment-wise, they always have an assortment of things to see and do online through their website. Contacting them seems easy and simple enough, you feel that they have adequate customer support too.

If you find these TNT Airways reviews are informative, share your opinion here!


TNT Airways Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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    I find this review a succinct, clear and enlightening overview of this airline. Great work and I am eager to see more about travel from your website.

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