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Trailfinders Reviews

Trailfinders Reviews
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Trailfinders Reviews

The people who deserve more recognition and respect do so for a reason and we can see from these Trailfinders reviews that the comments online about its services are accurate representations of their reality. A company is as good as it appears, no matter where you come from, you’ll have to base your opinions from somewhere to get to your present stance.

How it Started

Trailfinders CEO Reviews

Trailfinders’ Chairman and Founder Michael David William “Mike” Gooley

Trailfinders is the largest online travel company in the United Kingdom with headquarters at London. They have 27 centres in the UK and 3 more in Ireland. From its initial 4-member staff the company has expanded to include 1,000 clerk.

It was founded by Michael David William “Mike” Gooley, Chairman and Founder, who was born October 13, 1936. He was educated at St George’s College, Weybridge. In 1970, Mr. Gooley was awarded the “Chairman’s Award for Most Important Contribution to Australian Tourism by an Individual” by Tourism Australia.

Meanwhile, Trailfinders won  Which? Awards 2015’s “Best Travel Company” and CLIA UK & Ireland Cruise Excellence Awards’ “High Street Travel Agent” of the year 2014.

Customers’ Comments

Unfortunately, there do exist negative Trailfinders reviews. Most travel companies will have to deal with their customer service being prodded. It is the case with, people online had experienced some shortcomings in their support department, calling them rather inadequate and Trailfinders store Reviewsunprofessional. Talking to anyone from their call department is enough to set their teeth one edge. Overall, customers get the general feeling that Trailfinders simply doesn’t care, in the occasion of a calamity or a concern about booking. They don’t put their heart into their business which is one way of degrading the quality of their customer support, which is crucial in travel companies.

Blazing their Website’s Trail

Their website literally features large images that change into another one the longer you look at them. This is pretty predictable way to design your website and elicits the most positive Trailfinders reviews from people.

You can view your trail online, which is basically your booking. Their site shows all sorts of special sections such as a portion for Wedding and Gift List or gift cards. To learn more about their services, do click on this link that will lead you straight to pieces about specific travel issues and essentials.

If signing up to receive their newsletter is not your thing, you can always pick up their brochure which comes with a free Trailfinder magazine. They’re jam-packed with information about travel and features.

Contact information

For further details about Trailfinders, kindly refer to the following contact details

  • Fax Number: 44 20 7938 1133
  • Head Office Address: 48 Earls Court Road, London, Greater London W8 6FT, United Kingdom

In Conclusion


Trailfinders reviews don’t lie when they tell you about specific incidents pertaining to their proffered services. When some people online claim that they’ve been disappointed, you can’t help but sympathize with them and then believe what they have to say, even if you also believe in the company’s good sides. Their telltale accounts about customer service are interesting and discouraging at most and ought to give us an unfavourable impression of them to begin with. Do you feel the same way about Trailfinders from this review? Tell us here.


Trailfinders Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Christine M. says:

    Uh oh, this sounds rather disappointing. I was expecting much from this brand too. Looks like everyone here’s disappointed anyway.

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