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Published on November 3rd, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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Planning your trip may require certain energies that can be helped by making the whole process more fun. Conducive to a good vacation plan is a great travel website that assists you significantly.

Some websites are better than others and with this competition, they set themselves ahead and apart from the others through their own initiative, as we will see in these reviews.

Its Origins Europe ReviewsThe website has been operating and serving customers since 1992. You can book from hundreds of airlines and 100,000 hotels through their website or by contacting their call centres in North America and Europe. also provides over 5,000 tours and activities in various destinations. Creating your travel plans with them is fun and easy, it’s simple enough to browse through their website and have a great time conceiving your next trip. Website website ReviewsBy now, we know that most websites may differ widely from each other. Even among similar online travel websites with the same content, designs are so different that we’re sure to be surprised by companies’ ingenuity.’s website is a bit simple but it gets a thumbs up for its attractive colour scheme of black and grey. Around the middle are tile images of Top Destinations which you can click to view lists of accommodations complete with ratings.

They have options of Hotel, Flight, Vacation and Car. At the very bottom, they show reviews on places and things to do in certain places. Overall, it’s pretty straight-to-the-point and may have its appeal if this is what you prefer.

What are People Saying?

No reviews are available which leaves researches at a quandary as to how to build trust with their company. Their company description, for one, manages to be informative and vague at the same time, owing in part to the brevity of the sentences or the careful selection of information presented. The details are enough, but a brief history, overview of is not there.

They have a great website which is completely functional. The fact that it’s no-frill points to its reliability. They have a trusted contact centre across continents, and concentrate on their main operations, as can be seen from

The lack of reviews shouldn’t be an issue, we can glean enough opinion from visiting their official website and experimenting with their services or assessing what is already made available.

Contact information

Final Words

travel site4The website is not exactly superb but it suffices. With a clean appearance, it looks like it’s completely professional and takes care of your reservations.

No reviews share any personal experience with them yet we are assured that they prioritise your comments and concerns, if we base our impression on their company description. If you have anything to add to this review, kindly leave a comment below.


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  1. Nicholas says:

    I agree with you Flightswatcher, I happen to like their site. Their site is a bit mysterious but I definitely am interested in the whole package.

  2. jane b. says:

    If we’re only to base everything on what we see from their site, we’re going nowhere. Their site’s nothing special and I don’t like it at all. Seems too simple to function.

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