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Published on October 30th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Travel-ticker Reviews

Travel-ticker Reviews
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Travel-ticker Reviews

Travel sites need to have something that will set them apart from their competitors, competition is one thing that they will have to deal with in rearing their business. Some success stories are different as they are lesser known or are simply quietly reaping the benefits of their efforts.

In these Travel-ticker reviews, we get a glimpse into an incredibly fleshed-out and inspirational website,, that has the potential to give its users an advantage above the rest.

What Makes it Tick

Travel-ticker logo ReviewsTravel-ticker is an online travel site that makes people’s travelling bug tick. Serving as an inspirational to people, it also offers wonderful travel deals through its more than 10,000 partners. Their deals come sometimes come from small providers that don’t usually sell online, limited-time offers and directions to exotic locations.

Their editorial team is behind their regular travel features and their special team of experts had created their site’s algorithm so that you see only the best results. It’s a wonderful site to use and vastly interesting, as we will see in this Travel-ticker review.

The lone reviewer at says that the site sends spam and won’t let you unsubscribe. Other than this comment, which is more on a common technical glitch or simply something that can be remedied if truly found to be a problem, there are few Travel-ticker reviews available. This could imply that the service is doing relatively well yet remains obscure or that they are simply performing adequately and do not incite any violent, passionate responses. We base our opinions on their official website:

You don’t need to view too many Travel-ticker reviews to come up with the impression that the more pristine and professional the better. We all are impressed with the official-looking appearance of’s user interface. Set against a sea of white, it has the colours teal in gradients that lead downwards until the end of the long page. It seems effective because it’s no-nonsense and it seems that they mean business. These all bode well Travel-ticker site Reviewswith them.

True to their self-described “sophisticated” technology and deals you won’t “see on other sites,” they display a good number of special features that browsers will readily appreciate. Aside from the bespoke travel deals selected and curated by their staff, they show side searches which you can choose from a list of other travel websites to amplify your own. Furthermore, you can sign up to receive deals tailored to your interests from them or proceed to Ask Angela, who answers browsers’ questions about things from airfare, tips and recommended travel activities.

Their website is simply jam-packed with interesting sections that you may not have been aware of before. They have favourites, top 5 deals and an A-Z of deals, further on, they will show Hotels, Packages and Flights. This is a site that was meant to “inspire” after all and the sheer number of fascinating Travel-ticker slides Reviewsthings to see and do on their website make visiting it less of a duty and responsibility and more of fun and engaging.

Contact information

In a Nutshell

Their website is a welcome vision online. You’re assured you won’t get tired, it’s meant to encourage you to dig deeper until you are satisfied, which is also inevitable. Its calming colour scheme is peaceful to the eye and contrastingly, the avalanche of information available will entertain you until you feel that you are more than prepared from your trip, having also secured a travel deal through them.

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Travel-ticker Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. BookerGuy says:

    I really like their website, I have to agree fully with this Flightswatcher review, and I’m glad I discovered Travel-ticker.

  2. Igna says:

    Like BookerGuy, I’m thankful I stumbled upon Travel-ticker and I find their site really great. Thanks to this review!

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