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Published on December 7th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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Rate this post Reviews logo ReviewsA name that sounds really impressive and reputable: From its beginnings to its rapid climb in the industry, we have reviews of our own opinions to fully understand and appreciate Canada’s leader in travel curating.

The sensibilities that propel its operations and the fact that its name is a combination of root words travel and alerts make us more aware of the kind of approach they have when doing business.

More About its Origins is a Canadian online curator of travel deals at an affordable price. Within 5 years of its establishment in 2004, it became Canada’s leader in travel specials. It collates all the travel deals in their site to save you time and also has a system for aggregating them not only to bust time expenditure but to ensure that you’re seeing only the best results. Co-Founder Reviews Co-Founder Eduardo Mandri

TripSearch is their travel search engine. By 2010, was sold to TorStar. Eduardo Mandri and Jérôme Guidollet founded the service Co-founder Mandri had been dabbling in entrepreneurship since he was young and enjoys the outdoors, skiing and visiting the beach at Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Find Out What People are Saying

Unfortunately, there are few if no reviews available. It is disappointing as they are apparently Canada’s most visible online travel enterprise. Given their size or their reputation, I could have expected more reviews to further derive ideas from; however, people online may simply have relied on hearsay or simply chose not to write anything, good or bad, about the service.

Their online presence is not super excellent but it is great. The colour combinations are lax and inviting enough, it has a spare, beautiful quality to it that will attract many customers especially if they were already drawn by the professional name.

The search engine looks relatively simple, and it’ll take actual experience to come up with an accurate and real review to see if their functions are up to par with the rest of their website’s aspects.

The Website

Visiting their website is a pleasure. It’s very fresh with an image of a nice seaside view with the toned but still vivid colours of white canvas and red and orange as seen in the objects in the photograph. website ReviewsTheir powerful search engine allows you to search for flights, vacations, hotels and car rentals. They also use a different layout for featuring their top travel deals. It’s easier to read, shows the provider beneath and the price at its far right.

At the very bottom of their page, they show their partners. They have a weekly travel blog online with travel-related tidbits about selected places or helpful tips.

For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here. Meanwhile, you can sign up here to get subscribed to their weekly top travel deals, tips and contest openings.

Contact information

Professional Service

Their website is what drives our reviews and it is from it that we base our own review. I think that they are doing great, for some reason they do not have any reviews.

Their whole appearance is conducive to an effective visit however their actual search engine may be problematic as it looks really simple. Whether or not you can churn out the best deals with it is another mystery.

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  1. Ellen Davis says:

    This is the kind of website that you’ll need to try first before saying anything. I have recently and I am to waiting to see if they are any good,! Thanks for this!

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