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Travelocity Reviews

Travelocity Reviews
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Travelocity Reviews

The speed in which Travelocity reviews strike us is phenomenal. We approach their website with mixed trepidation and curiosity. Travelocity is an agency that has the bare skeletons of success etched into its frame, based on a functioning website and enhanced by convenience and convention.

Let us see in this Travelocity review whether or not their services live up to our high-speed impression of their own name or if they lag behind in the quest for online agency quality.

More on its Service

Travelocity President Reviews

President of Travelocity Roshan Mendis

Travelocity is an online travel agency based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded by Sabre Corporation and is currently owned by Expedia. It was created in 1996 by Sabre Holdings and it was the first website back then to allow customers to reserve, book and buy tickets without the assistance of a travel agent. Travelocity is best known as a travel services provider. Meanwhile, Expedia acquired the company on January 23, 2015.

Its President is Roshan Mendis. He is based in Southlake, Texas and hails from Sri Lanka. Their official website at encourages their visitors to Go and Smell the Roses, which probably means for people to start something good and see the great things around them which they can see when they start travel. The company has a positive view of travelling — which enriches one when they go out of their comfort zones — saying that travel makes one feel alive and in wonder with the world.

Travelocity gnome ReviewsTheir social media is angel is their Roaming Gnome; to see more of this adventurous gnome’s adventures, go and view this link where you can see his social media activities and updates.

How People See it

Reviewers behind Travelocity reviews repeatedly assert that they push through with their reservations despite knowing a hotel’s bad reputation and they eventually had to deal with their customer service. Talking to their them has been the topic of some Travelocity reviews. The foreign natives can sometimes be difficult to understand.

At other times, they barely compensate for mistaken website representations which had confused their customers: no cancellations, no changes with any attempts to change leading nowhere.

They seem to be getting a lot of bad reputation with their rigid policies, as viewed from Travelocity reviews. They cost more than when you book directly, which is counter-productive, any amendments to your itinerary will eventually cost you. Reviewers mostly set up a flag to warn others not to use them.

Scanning their Website

You don’t really expect much from their website, it looks pretty normal and it’s got hints of blue and green in the background probably to entice their viewers with the images of an island.

The usual options for flights, cars, hotels and cruises are to be seen on their website. Online, it says that you can search over 400 airlines and more than 271,000 hotels using their search engine. Other of their company’s offerings are featured, they have a price-match guarantee and offer no cancellation or plan change fee. At the bottom are the site’s Today’s Top Deals.

I think that their inspirational page is extremely good-looking. The large-format images are incredibly interesting to look at contrasting with the short Travelocity mobile app Reviewstexts introducing their article sections. You can get a lot of information by visiting this page and their purpose of getting your appetite whetted for travel gets it full development here.

If you are interested in their mobile app, you can view this link, which takes you to signing up for free for their official application. With it, you can book, access your itineraries on the go as well as other of their great prices.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-888-872-8356 (24/7)
  • Head Office Address: 3150 Sabre Dr. , Southlake, Texas 76092

Ripe for Improvement

Travelocity logo’s a pretty humdrum website. Not only do they underperform in this arena but they also have a lot of errors on their site that spark concerns from their users, according to Travelocity reviews. They could be more amiable when they talk to you, or mend the loopholes online.

If you have anything more to add to this Travelocity review, feel free to comment below.

Travelocity Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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    Goodness, they sound horrible, we can do so much better and I do not recommend this site at all to anyone, try booking with someone else.

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