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Travelzoo Review

Travelzoo Review
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Travelzoo Review


It is important to do research on your own when you are looking for an online travel agency or website for your travels. To be able to compare and trust your time and effort into another entity requires that you are well-acquainted with whatever company it is that you are dealing with.

With this Travelzoo review, we see that some Internet media companies have a healthy mix of good and bad reviews available online. Being able to discern which you should seriously consider is a skill that you can practise while you browse through reviews and comments. We’ll see in this Travelzoo review what people actually think of the service and its official website.

The Origins of Travelzoo

Travelzoo is a global Internet media company with 27 million members across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It features more than 2, 000 companies from travel, entertainment and locations. Travelzoo was founded in May 1998 Mountain View, California, United States of America.

It was launched by Ralph Bartel in October of 1998. Its CEO since July 1, 2010 has been Christopher “Chris” J. Loughlin. Loughlin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management, with honors, from Staffordshire University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York, United States of America.

Travelzoo CEO Review

CEO of Travelzoo Christopher “Chris” J. Loughlin

In 2006, rated as one of the best Web sites for “travel-related information and travel deals.” It was also more recently 2013 and 2014’s World’s Leading Travel Deals Website. It was nominated for the year 2015 under the same category.

What People are Saying About It

According to this Travelzoo review, some of the site’s customers were dissatisfied with the service which they received. They find the information on the website misleading; sometimes, the information online changes without warning and customers react negatively. They tell others to use other deal sites instead.

Talking to their customer support, as most find, is another problem. Miscommunication or poor resolution leave those same people feeling infuriated. Also, another common problem is alleged honesty. When additional charges pop up regarding a reservation, customers tend to feel that they are not getting the deal they originally agreed to or that they are dealing with untrustworthy company.

Looking at its Website

Based on this Travelzoo review, their official website looks like any typical site which you might stumble upon while online. One can immediately notice that it’s more more organised than most. You can search from the left a variety of airfare, hotel, cruises, restaurants, activities and entertainment. Also, you can check Destinations, Grown-up getaways and Last Minute.

Travelzoo site Review

You’ll have the option to compare travel sites by flight, car, hotel and vacation. Scroll further down the web page and see the various deals across entertainment and travel that Travelzoo has for you. At the very bottom, they even have this week’s top 20 deals.

Travelzoo has free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can also join Travelzoo for free and receive instant alerts delivered to your inbox. For all the categories of activities, you’ll even get to see the great cut-off prices they have for their users: on Broadway show tickets or cooking and driving classes.

Travelzoo mobile Review

The frustrations that the customers feel when they are using the website are mostly the same. They find that their customer support is poor, that they don’t take initiative to really mend an issue and that they seem to be building a reputation of unreliability due to a string of mistaken and non refundable incidents. We see in this Travelzoo review that they’re a little cluttered and need to be as orderly as their website.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-888-636-0894
  • Head Office Address: TravelZoo, Inc., 590 Madison Ave., 37th Floor, New York, NY 10022

tx centre

A Travelzoo booking centre


We see in this Travelzoo review that their site is relatively impressive and that it is a large publisher of deals across interests. That certainly attracts you to it, but given that people can easily look up bad reviews about it too, remains ambivalent. It’s famous, but like most famed sites, you’ll see a scattering of negativity. These shouldn’t be taken too much to heart as they are separate accounts. It’s best to trust if something is fine with you and then continue with it, or see the good over the weaknesses.

Would you think of using Travelzoo after reading this Travelzoo review for your travel and entertainment deals in the future?


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