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Tripcentral Reviews

Tripcentral Reviews
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Tripcentral Reviews

Tripcentral logo Reviews

Using an online travel agency alleviates many people from the confusion that they sometimes feel whenever they attempt to single-handedly arrange their affairs without the supervision of an expert. It’s great to know that there are hybrid agencies that are not only maintaining a lucrative website but also their own personal, staffed offices, like in these Tripcentral reviews. Let’s find out how their unique approach is being treated in online communities and how they are viewed.

Its Origins and Ownership

Tripcentral has been operating since 1989. What makes them unique is that they offer “the best of the web, and the best of the experienced travel agent” since they’re also a walk-in consultancy aside from having an online presence with their leisure website.

They’re a bricks-and-mortar company with 25 offices in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and other locations in Atlantic Canada. Each of these is a travel agency with a full staff and is linked into a single network. Tripcentral’s base is at Hamilton, Ontario.

Richard Vanderlubbe from Toronto, Canada, has been’s President since August 1989. He has a B Comm from McMaster University. His LinkedIn skills include Tourism, Event Management and Sales. He used to be Chair of the Board of Directors for the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. the website was officially launched in 2001.

Tripcentral CEO Reviews

Tripcentral CEO Richard Vanderlubbe

People’s Comments on It
Writing these Tripcentral reviews, one can predict how people view it. Based on their website alone, their image carries into public review sites where they are usually spoken of in a positive light. You can feel the cheerful vibe among the satisfied customers in their online conversations.

They find the service to be satisfying, “no problems,” with only a few minor technical glitches. They also found everything to be “straightforward.”

Everyone seemed to love the comfort of having a real live travel agent at their beck and call; it made bookings and other transactions feel more secure and added to the overall convenience of the experience. Tripcentral’s users find their customer service to be likewise excellent.

Looking at its Website
Their website gives off a sunny vibe that can cheer anyone up. The content is arranged for minimal confusion. It is either that or you might find the bright colours and small fonts unsettling.

It depends on the viewer but they could use more images or at least larger ones.
You can search for flight, cruise, tour, hotel and car services online. At the very top, in a yellow table are their latest Vacation Package Deals. You can search in the last minute for vacation packages that you like.

Tripcentral site Reviews

Since Tripcentral has bricks-and-mortar offices, you also have the option to talk in real time to one of their trusted travel agents over the phone. They have a neat Live Chat button at the upper-right if you prefer to chat with them instead.

Tripcentral Customer Service Reviews

Here’s a link to their topnotch blog. In it, you’ll find lists of desirable destinations, insider scoops, tips and how-tos. The site also has Trip Trivia, where website browsers play to win a trip of the the week, for more information, offers and updates about, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • For further details about Tripcentral, kindly refer to the following contact information.
  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-800-665-4981; Greater Toronto Area: 416-848-0964
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address:, Hamilton City Centre, 77 James St N, Unit 230, Hamilton, ON L8R 2K3

These Tripcentral reviews were really informative in supplying us with something which we had already formed for ourselves. It’s a great website and it works for most people most of the time, which are good credentials. It gives its users exactly what it wants, while retaining the strength of its uniqueness in the business. Many would want to use it again as they found the experience so great when they had it.
Do try on your own. What other great things did you discover here in this Tripcentral review?

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