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USA Jet Airlines Reviews

USA Jet Airlines Reviews
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USA Jet Airlines Reviews

USA Jet Airlines logo ReviewsUSA Jet Airlines reviews give us an even clearer vision of how North America’s premier cargo service airline USA Jet Airlines, is. These details make up for the bigger whole and are usually interesting tidbits about separate instances and opinions.

USA Jet Airlines is a success story no matter how you look at it. Its neutral online presence and its base contribute to our perception of it as a major carrier within aviation.

An American Airline

USA Jet Airlines CEO Reviews

USA Jet Airlines CEO David Schembri

USA Jet Airlines is a cargo airline that operates charter freight from its base and headquarters Willow Run Airport. Another headquarters is the Van Buren Township in Michigan. The airline was founded in 1994 with a hub at Willow Run Airport and a secondary hub at Laredo, Texas.

David Schembri is the CEO of USA Jet Airlines’ parent company Active Aero Group. With 40 years of experience in the industry, he had held key executive positions in companies like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. He was born and raised in Detroit and has B.S. and MBA degrees from the University of Detroit.

Its fleet size numbers 11 aircraft. They were the first to operate a MD-80 passenger to freighter conversion which was done by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. They are also FAA certified and fly exclusively for Active on Demand, under Active Aero Group.

What People Think About it

USA Jet Airlines interior ReviewsThere are really no USA Jet Airlines reviews but there are some tweets and press releases offering a glimpse into the airline’s activities. These are not actually USA Jet Airlines reviews and they mostly are complaints about how small the airplanes are or about their customer service and their own overall experiences.

I hope that someday they will have more USA Jet Airlines reviews so that we can have a broader overview of how they operate. Whether or not they prioritise their customers or what using them is like can be included in these USA Jet Airlines reviews.

Based from what we had seen, their some problems reside with their planes. This can’t be helped though but the airline could make up for it by being better in customer service. But another reviewer also did not sympathise with the latter. They should work on what can be changed as most companies have issues with customer service.

A Look at its Website

The link to their website leads us to which is in muted blue and grey. Despite these colours, their site is not uninteresting. You can view many things, most especially their self-descriptions and details about their features.

Basically, it shows the Active Aero Group’s logo and USA Jet Airlines’, and you’ll see that they are pretty much the same, with the latter having an added airplane at the end of an arc.

Further on, you can book a need or track a shipment and these are the main services that the airline and the group’s services. The pictures next to these text are generic and I had even seen some before from different sources but they do not concentrate too much on enhancing their website’s appearance but are mainly functional.

In the latter aspect, they are successful. Their site is easily navigable and efficient. Information in it is clear and many people would find visiting their page to be an informative experience. They also show some more about freight servicing in different regions of the world and I believe that they update and change this section regularly.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 734.547.7200; Flight Operations 800.233.5387
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 2068 E Street, Belleville, Michigan 48111 USA

A Great Website

USA Jet Airlines airplane ReviewsUSA Jet Airlines reviews do not discuss the airline’s website but in our USA Jet Airlines review, we took up their site’s appearance. It is conducive to browsing and easy enough to understand while adequately representing their company. I think that their website  values function over form and that they appear engaging and inviting.

What can you say about this USA Jet Airlines review? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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