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Vayama Review

Vayama Review
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Vayama Review

Some online travel agencies really have come a long way. Depending on how you look at them, they can be old or new. Either way, they’ve really run the distance in helping travellers hit a great deal. No matter what the service you are looking for is or where and how you intend to find it, an online travel agency can be trusted to help you whatever age you are.

Fairly recently, some online travel agencies even started targeting younger consumers or new travellers.

Ultimately, an online agency can be accessed using the Internet. We shall see in this Vayama review that internationality is one of Vayama’s key tenets. In this Vayama review, let’s learn more about the agency’s feedback, their website and their services.  

Where Vayama Came From

Vayama’s objective is to provide travellers with access to thousands of travel services such as car rentals, hotels and room booking all over the world. It brings together “international content all in one place.” In this sense, you’ll encounter more possibilities at their most recent with their agency. Travix International B.V. operates Vayama. The former is a successful online travel company and the largest managed in the Netherlands.

Vayama’s been doing business since 2007, widening the travelling of their customers by giving them the best airfares and flights from an international standpoint. Wim Butte and Andre Hesselink are Co- Chief Executive Officers of Butte was previously with Canadian Pacific Airlines and Wardair Canada. His education specialised in Air and Space law. Mr. Hesselink meanwhile graduated from the Netherlands’ University of Tourism. With the introduction of Vayama, both say, international travel is now possible, using combinations never before seen.

Vayama Co CEO Review

Wim Butte (above) is Co- Chief Executive Officer of with Andre Hesselink.

People’s Comments about the Agency

Some customers complain about how Vayama deals with them. Their services, people say, can be unsettling. Their customer service is average, with a long waiting time for e-mail responses from their end. At times, the hold time during a phone call can get excessive. There’s a general lack of communication. Their internal operations too can get messed up.

Vayama’s actual ability to complete their tasks has been put into question several times, which is the most repeated concern on review sites. Often, they fail to successfully arrange them. Most of their customers flat out discourage others to use Vayama and tell them to look for other alternatives.

If they want to look good as an agency, they should straighten out their customer support and their service. As we see in this Vayama review, they had been given a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. Improvement in their case, means perfecting what makes them different as an internationally focused agency and what they’re supposed to bring to the table.

The Vayama website passes off as acceptable. It’s relatively organised and easy to understand. One wouldn’t get lost in it. The three most known travel essentials: hotels, cars and flights are immediately accessible on the site’s main tab.

Vayama site ReviewVayama world site Review

Checking in can be done online. The check-out procedure with them is faster than normal. A long list of international destinations is included. Signing up for a Deals newsletter is quick and easy.

One of the most important and interesting parts of their site is the Travel Info. In here, you can look at health and safety, airline guides and country etiquette. With it, you can learn more about the airline or places, that you can pack with you on your trip. In the middle section is a colourful bar dedicated to different travel regions you might want to consider.

Vayama customer support can be reached 24/7. You can call or e-mail them about any of your concerns.

Despite their website’s features, some people who had experienced using Vayama recommend booking directly with an airline. This is primarily because of the frustrating customer support and the fact their initial orders sometimes do not push through. Changing your ticket with them can also be costly. On the other end, the more fulfilled users believe that it is a reputable organisation worth trying if you find their vision compelling.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1 650 265 1856
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 333 W Santa Clara St. Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95113

A Last Look at Vayama

This Vayama review sees that the online travel agency has little problems. Its global initiatives are respectable. Their focus is on international travel which helps people trust that their results are more comprehensive. With it, people get the idea that they have more data to base their travelling choices on.

vayama eve

Most Vayama issues involve the failure of some its separate services or a poor-quality customer support. These usually happen and are often the result of miscommunication. They can be effectively be remedied through any solution that the agency undertakes. Vayama is recommended to anyone who wants their travels done simply.

Would you want to voyage with Vayama? What do you think?


Vayama Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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