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Virgin Australia Airline Review

Virgin Australia Airline Review
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Virgin Australia Airline Review

Having a familiar name attached to an airline is a definite boost. When you hear about something for the first time and your mind recognizes it, you develop connections and get attached. This is a dream for any company interested in getting closer to their audience and turning them into loyal customers.

Virgin Australia on the Map

Everyone knows Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is the tycoon behind Virgin Group; in fact, he also co-founded Virgin Airlines. John Borghetti, born in Rome, Italy has been Virgin Australia’s CEO since May 8, 2010 with more than 4 decades of industry-specific experience behind him. He previously held positions in Qantas until 2009. Virgin Australia the airline, on the other hand, evolved from Virgin Blue which had its start in 2000. When Borghetti was new, people expected a re-branding of the company’s image, which is what they got when the word Blue was changed to Airlines on May 4, 2011.


Branson & Borghetti

Interestingly enough, one of Virgin Australia’s strong points is its self-confessed “New World Carrier” approach which battles it out with Qantas, a business rival which was where Borghetti was from. Finally renaming it Virgin Australia was the icing on the cake to get ahead against their fiercest competitors.


What People are Saying and Hearing


Well, Virgin Australia seems to be deserving of its reputation as a leading airline the world over. Customers do not have much negative things to say about it, and the positive reviews are gleaming as each section directly addresses an important facet of what their entire business prides itself on. People compliment on the great food served in-flight such as lamb and caramel mousse: great eats on any other occasion and definitely welcome on a long trip.

Considering that it was co-founded by media mogul Richard Branson, the entertainment had been described as spectacular, apparently including new movies and a respectable collection of music, radio programs, TV shows and games sure to not get anyone tiresome.


All of this goes back to how organized it is overall; it seems like it’s got a magic touch where people get exactly what they want. Commensurate with its friendly atmosphere is great professionalism behind everything that Virgin Australia Airlines gets a thumbs up from most people.


Their Website at a Glance


Car for hire service is offered through a link from their official website. One can easily find and book the flights that they want from Virgin Australia’s website aside from checking in online or through mobile and kiosk means. If you need to change your flight details, they recommend contacting them, or your travel agent directly. Not everything is refundable and you might be charged with additional fees should you cancel your flight.


The company focuses on passengers with special needs under their Special Needs and Assistance section on their website. Those who are visually or hearing impaired will be prioritized and the first to board on the plane and additional assistance is easily negotiated provided that the passenger with certain requirements book using the Guest Contact Centre, which is available 24/7. A table of their contact details is under their Help Centre online.


Many have praised Virgin Australia’s great customer service. They do know how to treat their customers graciously enough to outshine their competitors. A repeat experience is often hinted at by previous fliers.


What about Virgin Australia?

The airlines has Business, Premium Economy and Economy classes each with fantastic food and beverage selections. Limousine service is available for Business class fliers; as with other airlines, the kind of amenities vary depending on one’s chosen flight class with lounge access for certain flights and generally, entertainment choices widen as you upgrade. digEplayers complete with various media can be rented and enjoyed while in flight.


Their multi-awarded Velocity Frequent Flyer is free and one big perk of flying with them. Velocity Rewards Store is where people can shop for products and rewards which are redeemed from the points they had earned when flying with Virgin Australia. Every Thursday, from 4 – 11 pm AEST is Happy Hour which is like a big blowout of great discounts on flights. You can sign up for their V-mail Sales Alerts to know more about what they are offering through it.


Virgin Australia Flight Specials is their mobile app for iPhone and Android so that people can get serviced whenever and wherever they are.


Australian Airlines: its History

Currently, the airline is based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Australia and some of its allied partners such as Skywest Airlines have bases in the continent too, particularly in Perth. Tripadvisor lists Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart Townsville and the Gold Coast Airport as some of its main hubs.

Virgin Australia as of September 2015 possesses aircrafts Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-300ER and Embraer E-190AR to the fleet size of 110.

This airline group has been sweeping accolades and awards left and right, notably for its velocity rewards program: a 4-time consecutive winner of the Freddie Awards, considered a key recognition in the flight industry. In fact, this 2015, this particular Velocity Frequent Flyer won again for “Program of the Year” at the Freddie Awards for its notable service in the Middle East and Asia/Oceania.


Contact information

Website URL:

Contact number: 61 7 3295 3000

Fax Number: 61 7 3295 3996

Head Office Address: 56 Edmondstone Road, Bowen Hills, Queensland 4006, Australia

Mailing Address: P O Box 1034, Spring Hill Qld 4004




Virgin Australia Airlines is a great experience and several of its fliers would readily agree with the glowing feedback which the airline receives about their service. Food and entertainment apparently is excellent and it’s one trip that could set your whole holiday off to an amazing start.


Virgin Australia Airline Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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