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Vueling Airlines Review

Vueling Airlines Review
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Vueling Airlines Review

As time passes, more and more people are choosing flight over other modes of transportation. Cars and other smaller land vehicles can have traffic. When this happens, getting to your destination can take a long time and lots of technical knowledge. Before the dawn of commercial airplanes, earlier men and women used large boats as a means of travelling. These used to take weeks, months.

Now, travelling using an airplane is increasingly common. More than 3 billion people had flown in a single year. Considering the popularity and convenience of flight, its existence in our world is truly one of our modern man-made marvels.

Its Background

Vueling’s name in Spanish comes from the term vuelo or “flight.” This is suffixed with the English gerund “ing” to produce the airline name Vueling.

This Vueling Airlines review sees that the Spanish low-cost airline was founded in 2004. It is Spain’s second largest airline. Vueling, as of August 2015, has a fleet size of 101 aircraft. Its hubs are in Barcelona- El Prat Airport and Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicino Airport in Italy. The airline is headquarted in El Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain.

Its CEO Alex Cruz was only recently distinguished with an Airline Business Award 2015. Airline Business’ Max Kingsley-Jones indicates that Cruz is a “rising star in the management team.” This prestigious award will only further compel the Vueling team to excel in the future. Alex Cruz has been Vueling Airlines’ Chairman and CEO since September 2006. He hails from Bilbao, Spain and had been educated at the United States of America.

Vueling CEO Review

At another point, Vueling Airlines also won the coveted Best Airline of the Year. During that same recognition, they swept three other Budgie Awards: Best Business Traveller Offering, Best Sales and Distribution Strategy and Best Customer Loyalty Scheme.

Vueling According to its Customers

The check-in procedure has been described as efficient. Customers were offered a lot of options for food and the crew were kind and friendly to them. They find the airline pleasantly surprising. The spacing inside was adequate, the accommodations comfortable enough for any type of flight. Passengers find themselves instantly relaxing in their seats or enjoying great value for their money. At other times, the whole flight experience can be termed normal. Considering that this is a low-cost carrier, having nothing negative is a good sign that they are doing their end well.

Vueling crew Review

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The staff really dedicate on giving their customers their intended cost and service quality. For this, the airline deserves a great score in this Vueling Airlines review. Others would readily recommend it and would love to try flying with it again.

Their Official Website is one of the most professional-looking sites you can see online. It’s incredibly impressive and has a lot of neat icons next the content.

You can manage your booking and your flight status through their downloadable app. You can also do these online at their official website. If you need to change anything about your flight, just follow the links to take out luggage or remove insurance. When you book a hotel with them, you can receive a number of benefits including early check-in and late check-out and welcome drinks.

They’re particularly reassuring about offering assistance to passengers with special needs. The crew entertain those who inform the airline of their condition a few hours before the departure time. Other notable fliers are unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, overweight people and those travelling with babies.

VIP lounges can also be accessed in short notice. They provide Internet-enabled computers, wi-fi, showers and meeting rooms. Earn punto points when you fly. The more points you earn, the closer you are to Premium status. With punto, you can start flying with 500 points. Another frequent flyer programme of Vueling Airlines is Iberia Plus, available with other Iberia-related services. Feel free to subscribe to their exclusive newsletter and read and bring home their wonderful, stylish Ling magazine.

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The comments people give about it relate to its overall quality. Based on their website, the airline can give off a positive impression. Most passengers find their treatment wonderful. Even when they say that it is average, this means that they find no weaknesses in how it operates as Vueling Airlines, after their great exposure, commits to delivering quality to its customers.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +34 931 51 81 58
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +34 933 78 78 79
  • Head Office Address: Parque de Negocios Mas Blau, Pla de L’Estany, 5 El Prat de Llobregat, 08820 Barcelona, Spain

Last Words

This Vueling Airline review saw that the airline is in a good position. It has been successful and has been winning accolades for its wonderful performance. Its official website is particularly attractive. Their team has got the process and perfection very well.

There is not much negativity to comment about, only the usual separate counts of unpleasant incidents. Overall, Vueling Airlines is a great choice to get high-quality treatment from a low-cost airline.

Make it yours. Tell us what you think about this Vueling Airlines review.

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Vueling Airlines Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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