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Welcome Air Reviews

Welcome Air Reviews
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Welcome Air Reviews

Welcome Air logo ReviewsAn airline is like an umbrella that covers your whole flight experience. People connect the plane name and the airline company with their experience. Airlines are important in travel because they’re the biggest thing that we remember about our flight.

These Welcome Air reviews take a look at the private European airline Welcome Air. If they are like most airlines in the region in terms of service will be explored in this Welcome Air review.

Who Owns it

Welcome Air is officially Welcome Air Luftfahrt GmbH & Co KG, an Austrian charter airline. Jakob Ringler founded the original airline with its official name on June 14, 1995, he runs this private airline with his wife Irene.

Welcome Air CEO Reviews

Welcome Air CEO Helmut Wurm

Its main hub is located at Innsbruck International Airport and it has a fleet size of 3. It flies between Innsbruck and Graza and to Hanover, Gothenburg, Stavanger Kristiansand, Niederrhein-Weeze, Nice and Olbia using 1 Dornier 328 Jet and 2 Dornier 328 Turboprops. Its current CEO is Helmut Wurm.

A Look at their Website

We use their alternative site, and it’s a fair site to use. It may be different from others but it mindfully sets apart itself in clever ways. Their website is easier to use as it is simpler however it does not seem as branded as the rest of the airline sites and they risk being forgotten.

If such a scenario exists, it is not their concern. They know exactly what content they want to use in their website and show these effectively, carefully arranging them within the layout and design. Booking options for their flights are located below left, though faintly unexpected, they’re easily seen and it’s more unexpected for you to be lost on their page.

For more information, offers and updates about Welcome Air, kindly view their Twitter account here. If you want to look at their blog, another conscious curation of motley articles about sites from all over the world, click here. Their Features show even more information about airlines.

How People Receive Them

I’m surprised at how little Welcome Air reviews there are, in fact there are practically none out there. As we had looked at their website, we left with the impression that they were at least moderately well-known as their name suggests. They would benefit from welcoming more Welcome Air reviews if only to boost their popularity.

Their website is enough to convince us that they probably have issues somewhere, this is reflected in its lack of excessive brilliance. It’s original in an understated way but they give off the image that they may just be weak at some point. No Welcome Air reviews exist from which to base our opinions from but perhaps the website is an accurate mirror into the airline itself.

Welcome Air appears to be more fun than anything, their choice of topics on their blogs is testament to this. They also prove to be conscientious and unique.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +43 512 29 53 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +43 512 28 88 88
  • Head Office Address: PO Box 81 Innsbruck Airport A-6026 Innsbruck, Austria

In a Nutshell

Welcome Air plane ReviewsMore Welcome Air Reviews, as with other agencies and airline, are sorely needed if we Welcome Air crewcould create a fuller appreciation of how people view it. Their website is refreshing but also sparse. You’ll get where you need to go quickly and they find strengths in various aspects of their business, their blogs or their services.

If you have anything more to add to this Welcome Air Review, kindly leave a comment below.


Welcome Air Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Nicholas says:

    Thanks for this wonderful introduction to this airline. I really appreciated it and I must say that I’m quite surprised that they’re relatively unknown online, they sound so fantastic.

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