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Published on October 6th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Whichbudget Reviews

Whichbudget Reviews
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Whichbudget Reviews

Whichbudget logo Reviews

Some people wonder why people use online websites or online agencies instead of dealing or purchasing directly with the airlines. Through the Internet, they can discover last-minute deals that they wouldn’t have found had they taken their business directly to the flight dealer. It is an effective way to manage your travels.

Upon reading these Whichbudget reviews, you’ll see what makes people use a certain search engine or website and what makes them move on to another. These Whichbudget reviews look closer at the British search engine and its key features.

Where It is From

Whichbudget is a flight search engine. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. What makes it different is that you can search for anyplace and anytime flying from your airport, without having to input when you are flying or even where to. Like other search engines, they lead you directly to the airline or travel agent’s website.

Martino Matijevic from Nice, France has been its Founder and CEO since April of 2002. His official LinkedIn account describes him as an Internet Entrepreneur and “strategic e-marketer.”

He possesses a B.Sc. in Marketing Management and Tourism from Oxford Brookes University and an MA in Arts and Heritage Management from the University of Sheffield. Matijevic also co-founded other travel media and companies such as The Travel Magazine, TaxationWeb and eTaxJobs.

Whichbudget CEO Founder Reviews

Whichbudget Founder and CEO Martino Matijevic

What People are Saying About It

When it comes to supporting these Whichbudget reviews, it is difficult to back up opinions with online comments. There are little to no reviews about Whichbudget available. This can be frustrating as one will eventually question what first-hand experiences he will rely on.

When you think about the Whichbudget reviews, their website can be a little unreliable. You’re not sure what kind of information you’re dealing with as your search is a little broad. You’ll find yourself on another site verifying or merely to be able to double-check customers’ comments on it. Their blogs, however, are relatively good and you also might score a good travel deal with them on their website.

What its Website Looks Like

Based on these Whichbudget reviews, their website does have its appeal but it’ll depend on whoever is looking at it. The content are organised in such a way as to display them  freshly and with creativity. All the destinations and airlines are condensed so that you’ll need only view them singly to find what you are looking for.

Whichbudget site Reviews

At the top, you can view their flights, hotels, hostels and cars. Read their Blog and Travel Magazine from here too. They have small sections in the website’s yellow and blue colours that show the cheapest flights. Their social media feeds, meanwhile, are displayed below this.

For more offers and updates about Whichbudget, check out their official Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 0161 613 5268
  • Head Office Address: Coleby Avenue 6,M225 Manchester, Manchester – United Kingdom

In a Nutshell

As these Whichbudget reviews suggest, the website doesn’t have much reviews about it online. This makes it difficult to look up. Even the absence of online negativity spells that it will be a challenge to create a working image of it from scratch.

Their website is relatively fine, with a unique way of presenting extensive lists. It will suit people who are there to use a search engine that perfectly mixes function and design, as these features so clearly show.

Whichbudget site 2 Reviews

All in all, it’s worth the try and you can start you own reviews about it once you do. What more can you say about these Whichbudget reviews?


Whichbudget Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Sidney R. says:

    Their website is reserved for certain people, it’s fine by me, just a little unusual. It’ll depend on anyone’s taste, and how about it being “unreliable?”

  2. Hunter Monroe says:

    I happened to have gotten lost twice on this website, got me thinking ‘what I was looking for. That made a lasting impression. I hope others find it appealing as this review suggests.

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