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Wholesale-flights Reviews

Wholesale-flights Reviews
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Wholesale-flights Reviews

Wholesale-flights logo plane ReviewsTravel agencies ought to give off the right impressions from the beginning. This is what makes people want to click further through with them and ultimately turn them into loyal supporters. But not only first impressions count, as we see in these Wholesale-flights reviews, but overall performance. Customers share their Wholesale-flights reviews and experiences online and give us a clearer picture of this service and what it really offers.

Where it Came From

Wholesale-flights, as the name suggests, deals with offering significant discounts on  fares, with a likewise wholesome service. They concentrate, as we see later on in this Wholesale-flights review, on organising fares for business and first classes. The company was incorporated in 2007.

According to their official website, Wholesale-flights is a boutique travel agency that specialises in providing flights deals to their customers. With access to over 130 carriers, they promise savings from 30-60%, all delivered with self-described promised excellent customer care and service.

Mr. Igor Fishbeyn is its Founder and CEO. He’s been associated with two other companies, one now defunct.

From Other People

Wholesale-flights reviews can get pretty negative. Their customer support are apparently rather rude to customers. Calling them doesn’t lead to understanding, callers describe them as having bad customer service. Wholesale-flights reviews are mainly a list of a spectrum of complaints about the company, from no reservation to an additional charge. They are hard to reach and confusing to speak to when customers want clarification.

A main issue that crops up is prices changing. Not only do they not explain, but the company’s end is pretty adamant in getting the price hike done and customers not only have no explanation as to why but they resort to measures to get out of the price increase or add it to their credit. Many Wholesale-flights reviews discourage others from using the service.

Their Whole Website:

Wholesale-flights website ReviewsThey show tabs for Flights and Hotels on their official website, Based on its appearance, other wholesale-flights reviews would agree faintly that they have a special way of organising their information. It’s all ordered very effectively, almost predictably and this makes visiting their site even better because people immediately know what they’re looking for and where. The site itself is a dark, relaxing shade of blue with a precise efficiency that makes it easily navigable.

They show a lot of information, some almost immediately about any general thing. This means that anyone visiting their site would be able to read about particulars upon scrolling down which makes things easier. Their website indicates that they’re ready to assist their customers get good seats on both Business and First classes.

Their own descriptions of themselves may be short but they’re clear. True to the kind of content that they want to impart, they are interesting facts and even include generous Reviews and Company Values. The latter is another foray of the company into sharing their take with their customers. They prove to concentrate on people, giving their customers what they want and introducing their team to them.

For more information, offers and updates about, kindly view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: USA 877 823 1877; Australia 1 800 638 247
  • Head Office Address:  Wholesale Flights Inc., 851 Burlway Road # 502, Burlingame, CA 94010

Last Words

Wholesale-flights logo ReviewsIf you look at all those disappointing Wholesale-flights reviews, you’ll think that the company is not that reliable. They perform poorly on most metrics, from customer service to basic operations.

An abundance of negative Wholesale-flights reviews reveal too much of their failures. Wholesale-flights is infamous for being untrustworthy and they should build on the trust which they say that they value.

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Wholesale-flights Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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