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Published on September 10th, 2018 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Why Use JustFly?

Why Use JustFly?
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As we live our lives, we often get caught up in many things. Work and the turmoils of our personal lives can take a toll on our well-being. With our lives revolving around our usual routines, we usually forget that how wonderful the world really is. There are some seasoned travelers out there who will tell you why you should travel at least a few times a year, though you may probably disregard their comments. I know a lot of people who avoid going anywhere new and far just because they think that it’s too expensive or that it takes too much time. Luckily, we now have a mediums to make traveling easier and more affordable.

The internet has unparalleled ability to help people in their day to day life. With it, one may easily get access to nearly all their needs, from bill payments to taxi rides. However, it also has become a very useful tool for travelers.  Online travel agencies are websites that are basically distributors of travel tickets from different suppliers. Think of it as an online supermarket for your travel necessities. The convenience that these online travel agencies offer is unmatched and not even real-life travel agencies can match this level of availability. Today’s article will be based on If you love to travel, we can prove to you that this OTA might be the most ideal for your needs. Why use JustFly? Here are some of the reasons.

About JustFly – a brief look at the company is an online travel agency that first opened its doors–or rather its website–on February 10th of 2014. Yes, it’s still quite new to the online travel agency industry. However, despite still being in its ‘childhood’ stage, they company has already proven itself by providing its customers some of the most reliable online travel booking services today. JustFly prides itself for being a low-cost travel booking alternative and is continuously working to achieve and improve this title. The low-cost setup has proven to be quite effective and favored by many, considering how quickly it gained loyal customers and followers. This U.S.-based company currently allows you to book and purchase four travel services: airline tickets, hotel accommodations, cruise line tickets, and car rental services. Despite being a company from the U.S., they offer all their services to everyone around the world.

Inexpensive travel is now completely possible

There are many qualities that JustFly is known for but perhaps the most well-known is how cheap they sell their tickets. Its important to know that JustFly is, in no way, a direct supplier. They do not own airlines, hotels, cruise lines, or car rental companies. Instead, they are merely distributors of tickets. You might be thinking, if they’re re-sellers of such products, surely there is a markup so why not just buy directly from the suppliers? To answer that, we need to know how JustFly works. This online travel agency is directly associated with many suppliers from different countries. These suppliers often offer discounts and limited-time promos. JustFly’s partnership with the suppliers enables them with first-access to all these discounts. Moreover, they also get discounts from buying unsold tickets from old promos that the supplier have failed to sell to their customers.

Fast, safe, and reliable online booking experience

Not everyone are able to use websites and mobile apps. Some struggle due to physical disabilities while others simply had not been used to utilizing such tools in their life. JustFlt knows that, which is why they managed to create a website that not only makes online travel booking cheaper but also more user-friendly. Moreover, the company respects its customers time. With a streamlined booking process that JustFly has, you can easily find and buy your desired ticket in no longer than 10-15 minutes. This may not seem like much, but those who are very busy with their own lives will find this as nothing short of a blessing. Buying tickets from JustFly is completely safe as well. Their system ensures that your personal information (especially your bank/credit card details) are not stored anywhere. They will simply be processed, confirmed, and then deleted as you complete your purchase. Once you’re done, you can expect your ticket to arrive via email almost instantly.

Go ahead and try JustFly for your next trip. The points above have been confirmed by thousands of their previous customers as well as myself. Let us know what you think of this low-cost OTA!

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