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Wizzair Reviews

Wizzair Reviews
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Wizzair Reviews

Wizzair airlines may be low-cost but Wizzair reviews indicate that it performs at such a high level that a number of people online readily recommend it, expressing their interest to use it again. From the little things that make an airline particularly impressive to the major achievements in operation, this Hungarian carrier has a strong following.

Zipping through its Path

Wizzair CEO Reviews

Wizzair CEO Jozsef Varadi

Wizzair is a low-cost airline and the largest one in Hungary. Founded in September 2003, it has its head office at Budapest, Hungary. With its fleet size of 63, it flies to 108 destinations worldwide. On a brighter note, its company slogan  says “Now we can all fly.” In these Wizzair reviews, we’ll see if people would want to fly with them after hearing about their general performance.

Its CEO since 2003 is Jozsef Varadi, born in September 1965. He is a graduate of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

What People Think

Wizzair reviews give the airline an average of 5 stars out of 10. These Wizzair reviews, even when positive, remain remotely so and praises for it are not so overt but are muted and complimenting the basic plane services of food, cabin crew, amenities and interiors condition. Their seats in particular were spacious and the whole trip is best described as being “smooth,” with relaxing inflight magazines.

Interiors are clean and the people on board were friendly enough to make everything easy. Wizzair cabin crew ReviewsFurthermore, Wizzair is also known and reiterated in reviews sites as being Wizzair interior Reviewspunctual, arriving mostly on the dot. Overall, the airline seemed to have perfected all the stops and impresses despite its low-cost.

Wizzair Website

You shouldn’t be too surprised to find out that Wizzair’s website  is themed pink and purple for that certainly is the case. On it, you can search for flights, cars and hotels services and check in online.

If you’re travelling for special purposes or with a group and family, make sure to check out their Wizzair offers. Another thing to view on their website are the Cheap Flights right next to the former. Also, Wizz is on your mobile, simply download the app for free onto your device and start checking timetables, accessing MyWizz and adding services to your itinerary, among others.

For more information, offers and updates about Wizzair, kindly view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +36 1 777 9300
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +36 1 777 9444
  • Head Office Address: Building 221, BUD International Airport, Budapest, 1185, Hungary

A Last Look

Wizzair plane ReviewsAn overview of Wizzair will end with an exposition of how well they actually do perform. In all actuality, they have great service from top to bottom and may only be underestimated in certain circles. They have their share of negative Wizzair reviews but the strengths relayd in the positive ones are enough to reel one in due to their staggering importance.

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Wizzair Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Maria says:

    Their airline is!!! I agree with all your comments about their interiors! Lovely and cozy-looking!

  2. Rachel says:

    Yes, I ‘m loving the pink uniforms definitely! This airlines scores high for fun and passion on my bucket list!! Thanks.

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