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Wotif Reviews

Wotif Reviews
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Wotif Reviews

Wotif logo ReviewsWotif and what if? sound alike. What if Wotif had streamlined its operations? What would its Wotif reviews look like then? Since Wotif reviews are important in forming people’s opinion of a travel website such as Wotif, the company could then focus on certain aspects of their service which receive the most Wotif reviews and improve on them.

“What if” is full of possibilities while Wotif is an Australian website that gives people the travel opportunities of their dreams. The paths to be taken are endless for Wotif, let’s see more from Wotif reviews.

A Preview into its Background

Wotif is an online travel website from Australia that offers its customers great travel options: more than 510,000 hotels and 400 airlines. The website has the biggest selection of hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

It was launched by Graeme Wood in March 2000, where it started out in Brisbane, Australia. Offices are located worldwide in “Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.”

Wotif CEO Reviews

Scott Blume, CEO of Wotif

Beginning from showing results that were seven days in advance, it since then enlarged the time span until it showed results three months into the future. Its regional and global recognition is based on the premise that “people love a good deal.” Expedia’s bid for Wotif was approved in on October 1, 2014.

Its CEO, Australian Scott Blume, has 30 years behind him in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. He started his CEO position for Wotif in January 2013.

What People Say About it

Wotif reviews indicate that the images on their website and the actual rooms are very far from each other in terms of quality as to be misleading. Several Wotif reviews took up this disappointing topic: customers’ hotel rooms were not as they had expected.

Their customer service is another obvious point in Wotif reviews. Their staff had been described as having no “language skills” and no empathy. In this case, talking to a supervisor or a manager is the most difficult despite being the best solution.

The main distinct problem is the kind of hotel rooms which they showcase online. They should be more selective in these matters or at least have some personnel check the rooms in advance to see if they are liveable.

Going Online with Wotif

I think that their website looks completely typical. The colours dark blue and light green are obviously meant to attract users but it does little to beautify the site’s appearance and in fact it makes one feel drowsy with how expected it looks. Creativity is not tied down to reliability and we can see Wotif website Reviewsfrom Wotif reviews whether or not their actual service is as traditional and tried-and-tested as their website’s design.

You can search for accommodations, flights, packages, activities and car hire online. An interesting tab is their Mystery Hotels button. Upon clicking this, you’ll have access to big savings on a mystery hotel, which are actually initially unnamed hotels that you book that want their spare rooms to be filled up immediately. Wotif will then reveal the name of the “mystery hotel” once you complete the booking.

Their Escape Now tab shows low-priced hotels too. Furthermore, they feature their deals for hotels and flights while guaranteeing a Price Match, the details of which you can view at the middle of their page.

For more information, offers and updates about Wotif, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
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  • Head Office Address: Queensland, Australia

What if? Means Possibility

Wotif reviews give us an insider look at how they perform as a website. Their main offers are not successfully conveyed. There seems to be a disparity between the qualities seen online and in real life and this can be a serious problem, they simply look unreliable. It would be best to start inside and work their way towards people if they want to explore what ifs.

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    How on earth could they still be functioning if they’re not legit? They seem to throw around some pretty valuable trust from their customers with what they’re doing. Even their name’s bizarre,.

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